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The Whole Human

STUDY: Watching reality stars can make us less sympathetic to poor people

When you get obsessed with the rich and glamorous lives on "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," "X Factor," "The Apprentice," and "Made in Chelsea," there can be a downside to your binge-watching habits.

The Whole Human

The identity trap: Being less wrong

What we call an identity is mostly a product of memory, and memory — as both science and history have shown — is incredibly hazy and questionable.


Billionaire CEOs make a pro-immigration pitch to save DACA

Silicon Valley's pro-immigration stance leads that of any other industry.


Stop confusing job perks with company culture

Feedback is your friend.


5 important ways to talk about disability during a job search

A little preparation can transform a tough process.

Salary Negotiation

This is a powerful lesson about being underpaid from ‘Hawaii Five-O’ stars

Sometimes you have to walk away.

the whole human

This is the secret to improving your self-esteem

Stop lying to yourself that you’re so awesome.

the whole human

8 positive reasons you should keep working after retirement

It helps you feel healthy for the rest of your life.

Identity at Work

Five ways to welcome LGBTQ employees during Pride month

All employees want to be respected.

Gender at Work

Accenture aims at ambitious goal for 2025: a workforce of half men, half women

About 40% of the company's employees are women. That will go up.

Identity at Work

After racial tensions, over 150 CEOs to sign groundbreaking pledge to create diverse workforces

The biggest American companies, including AT&T, American Express and Home Depot, are looking to change the experience of race and identity at work.

Levelling Up

4 smart ways to rise at work if you didn’t grow up with a lot of money

Building 'cultural capital' is different for people who didn't grow up with money.

Identity at Work

Muslim Amazon contractors win the right to use company prayer rooms

Religious freedom and contract work collide in a controversy at Amazon.


4 ways companies like IBM became the best at hiring diverse women

Diversity isn't an accident.


New music video is the perfect anthem for every millennial boss who wants to be liked

"I want you to do what I want, but let me say it in a nice way."

Pop Culture

5 ways to rock your career, according to Netflix’s ‘Girlboss’

"Know what your sh*t is worth.*

Identity at Work

There’s an easy way to root out our own prejudices at work

One simple self-improvement technique makes us better humans and is very easy to do.

Levelling Up

What a US Army officer can teach you about spotting talented people

Don't look in the obvious places.

Identity at Work

Bank of England wants to end ‘monoculture and groupthink’

Diversity helps, but the real difference is in inclusivity: allowing people to speak up and keep their status.

identity at work

Italy wants to offer women ‘menstrual leave’

Menstrual leave is designed to empower women to take care of themselves, but it frequently acts as a stigma.

Future of Work

The mommy wars come to work

Women without children are seen as shallow and ambitious; women with children are paid less. Nobody wins in these identity wars.

Future of Work

Google launches new program to boost Black coders

Google makes a big push to get more black coders in the door.

Identity at work

Tech companies don’t need any more diversity, say employees

Tech workers look around, see others like themselves, and believe the hard work has been done.

Identity at Work

Employers can ban Muslim headscarves, top European court says

Can employees display religious symbols in Europe? It depends on who they work for.


How to dress for the job interview: Advice from designers of Scandal and The Good Wife

This is why everyone in offices on TV looks so strong.