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This is why should you focus more on your top performers than your low ones

We naturally want to invest resources into helping underperforming employees, but sometimes, it can eat a disproportionate amount of time and energy.

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3 mindful steps to connect with your employees, loved ones, and clients

So how do we connect with employees and customers so they feel we care about their careers, their business, and their future?

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The 2 sneaky reasons great employees become unmotivated

Most employees begin a new job brimming with enthusiasm and excited to bring a fresh perspective to the organization. As time passes though, that enthusiasm can turn into boredom or even full-on disengagement when circumstances change or they start to see things in a different light.


Suspect your new hire won’t make it? 4 mistakes to avoid

Leaders fall into some common “traps” when confronted with the new hire who is stumbling. Here are 4 of the most common pitfalls and how to avoid them.

Office Life

Why hiring an ‘average’ employee can be dangerous

Every leader knows that bad employees are bad for business, but average employees can be even worse. A recent study suggested a reason why, saying that average employees' performance ratings do not indicate future performance.


3 ways to make a new coworker feel like part of the team

It's one thing for an employee to feel like they aren't yet part of "the office tribe," but that's where you come in when it comes to new hires— here's how to make them feel welcome.


18 pros and cons of being an employee vs. being an entrepreneur

Both being an employee and being an entrepreneur have their own advantages and disadvantages. Entrepreneurs are often portrayed as happy and free, risk takers that have the benefits of controlling their own time and income. They often have uncapped potential earning and can jump from industry to industry using and developing business skills that ultimately add to their success and experience.


10 ways to reward your staff without giving a raise

If you have an employee who is doing a sterling job and you’d like to thank them in some way, but are lacking the resources to offer a pay-rise, then worry not as there are many other ways you can reward them.


3 ways a business leader gets people to follow

Here are three ways a company leader can get people to follow, and do so without being punitive and domineering.

Career Advice

How to make a long term career plan actually work

When we use the resume as the end, rather than a means to an end, 10 years down the line we’ll be left with a nice-looking piece of paper asking ourselves “where am I?”

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9 bad manager mistakes that make good people quit

People don’t leave jobs; they leave managers. Top nine sins that drive good workers to leave bad bosses.


Why healthy competition among employees works

The road to becoming a market leader, is paved by understanding three truths about fostering competition among your employees.