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Dream Job

You could get paid (well) to watch TV all day

A company is looking to hire someone to watch TV and get paid for it. It's the perfect gig if you have some free time coming up.

Dream Job

Love avocados? You can get paid to eat them daily for six months

If you never tire of eating avocados, listen up. There's a new study that can fund all the avocado toasts, avocado salad, and guacamole you could want.

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10 worst fictional internships of all time

Even fictional heroes were lowly interns once.


Is your dream job what you really want? Ask yourself this one question to find out

Here’s the thing about “dream jobs” though.

Dream Job

You could get paid to drink gin and travel the world with a friend

Do you like gin? Want to get paid to drink it?

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Dream job alert: Cards Against Humanity is hiring writers

The pay is $40 per an hour but some people would probably do it for free for bragging rights alone. 

Dream Job

Get paid to hang out with a bunch of cute cats on a Greek island

Move over, “Mamma Mia” — we’ve found a new Greek island dream. There’s a group on the tiny island of Syros looking for a cat caretaker.

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6 legit jobs that seem too good to be true

Who says working a 9-to-5 job has to be a drag? Turning your biggest passion or a fun pastime into a career can make you start loving your life during the week rather than merely living for the weekend. And you’d be surprised by how many pleasurable activities in life can be turned into professions. Here are six unique passions you can turn into a career — and how to do it.

Dream Job

Earn $10,000 for tasting the best BBQ America has to offer

Reynold's Kitchens is looking to bring "its first-ever Chief Grilling Officer" on board for two weeks and will give them a $10,000 stipend.

Dream Job

A small Japanese city is facing a ninja shortage – even though the salary is $85,000

Iga city in Japan claims to be the birthplace of the ninja and is hoping to bolster tourism by drawing on its heritage. There's just one problem: Not enough ninjas.

Dream Jobs

This might be the best internship (or sun-ternship) of 2018

Days Inn is looking to pay an amateur photographer to travel across the United States for one month this summer, capturing photos of that glorious, orange star in the sky, in America's sunniest cities — from sunrise yoga in San Diego to a sunset sail in Miami.

Dream Jobs

If you’re a New Yorker who wants to visit Hawaii, read this now

Hawaii Tourism United States (HTUSA) is launching Work From Hawaii, a program consisting of six "residencies" for each of the state's main islands — Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and the Island of Hawaii — where you can work remotely in a stunning location or get your side hustle on.

Dream Jobs

The ultimate summer job: Travel the world and get paid to do it

If you've ever dreamt of traveling the world and exploring new places, now might be your best chance to cross off a few destinations on your bucket list. WOW Air is looking for a travel guide to cover as many of its 38 destinations as you can over the summer.