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According to Science

How we think about introverts and solitude may be all wrong

"Under this new personality paradigm ... when you have a strong sense of self and feel in control of your life, solitude becomes an enjoyable experience."


Women (especially founders) face a 20% equity gap at work

"The research found that women make up 35% of equity-holding employees, but only hold 20% of equity. The gap gets more pronounced for female founders."

Office Life

Survey: 72% of employees think their coworkers aren’t good communicators

34% of people surveyed think that GIFs and emojis "are appropriate for workplace communication," 66% would rather give them a hard pass.


The pros and cons of abruptly quitting like Vontae Davis

The abrupt exit stunned and angered his team, providing lessons on what to do when a job becomes untenable and you feel like you need to get out — now.


For better or worse, our minds are hardwired to forgive people

A new study suggests that we keep giving people who have wronged us the benefit of the doubt because deciding to forgive people is out of our control.


What makes a boss good or bad?

"Merely heading a company or managing a team may make a person a boss in title, but it doesn’t necessarily make them a boss in reality."


3 signs you’re on track to being a strong leader

"Here are three tangible ways up and coming leaders can ensure you’re headed in the right direction. Let’s break them down one by one."

How To

10 tips for being your own best advocate

Standing up for yourself is an important skill. Here, 10 career experts share how they developed an ability to advocate for themselves.

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Survey: Employees say this type of music boosts productivity

While research has found that millennials who feel like their finances are secure are more likely to listen to classical music, a new survey from staffing firm Accountemps shows that among office workers who say listening to music at work helps them get more done, "pop" is the top genre that boosts their productivity.


How the language in letters of recommendation can hold women back

"It's a reminder of how bias can creep into language with even well-intentioned efforts and can still cause lasting harm to careers."


7 female CEOs share advice on how to surround yourself with supportive women

Whether it’s a working mom creating a revolutionary hands-free breast pump, a strong founder leading the #MeToo movement, or a woman working to change access to much-needed feminine products, the camaraderie and support of other females make a huge difference in the success of many amazing ideas and companies.


6 reasons why a two-week vacation could be too long

"One of the biggest reasons not to take a two-week vacation is returning with a ton of stress because there is too much on your plate.

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The great open office debate: The good, the bad, the indifferent

People are right and wrong about the open office. Why? Because open offices are both incredible and horrible in equal amounts.

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5 ways to increase your employees’ productivity

Setting meaningful goals for your business and its employees can help drive better performance and increase productivity.

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7 ways to make yourself indispensable to your boss

Being indispensable at your job is probably a path you’ll want to take. It means that your boss simply can’t manage without you.

Job search

What to do when you’re fired: The 10-point plan

If you find yourself fired from your own loved or loathed job, here are 10 things you probably should do according to experts.

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How to deal with that person at work who is driving you crazy

Here's what happiness-expert Gretchen Rubin calls “the secret to happiness” and how to bring joy into your work environment.


You’re less likely to share with culturally different coworkers

Your cultural background at work can determine if colleagues are willing to share or are more likely to withhold business information with you.


Make achieving your goals a team sport – Here’s why and how

Peer support is undeniably the most important component for achieving hard-to-reach goals. Keep in mind some rules of thumb.

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7 totally normal ways to set boundaries with your work friends

Creating boundaries for workplace friendships can be difficult, but they are necessary. Here are seven things to help you out.


13 things successful people do in the first 3 months at a new job

A key way to lay the groundwork for a successful run in your new job is by establishing achievable goals and social ties throughout the office.

The Whole Human

The simple reason it’s pointless to compare yourself with others

You can compare yourself to other people all day long and it won’t benefit you a damn bit. Instead, compare yourself to who you were yesterday.

The Whole Human

How to solve relationship problems: 5 secrets from research

All couples have arguments. There is no magic, conflict-free relationship. (Sorry.) So how do you fight right? That’s what we’re gonna learn.


These are the most common sensitive topics employees discuss with friends at work

New research reveals what sensitive topics employees discuss in the workplace and how often employees spend time with office friends outside of the office.


Boost your team’s effectiveness with these 7 questions

While improving team effectiveness may sound like a mammoth task, it can be brought down to size by considering seven core behaviors and practices.