Todd Brison

Todd Brison

Todd Brison is the author of The Creative’s Curse and The Unstoppable Creative. He has been featured on CNBC, Inc. Magazine, Apple News, and in his kitchen doing dishes.

Articles by Todd Brison

Work-Life Balance

A life lesson from 30,000 feet

"Why am I following orders to fly out West? Why am I going to a conference for an industry I do not desire to stay in? Why do I take meeting after meeting?" Why am I addicted to “yes, I will?”


3 very good ways to spend your time

If we aren’t running from task to task, the world says we are lazy. We feel we need to be busy all of the time for two reasons: fear and lack of vision.

The Whole Human

1 characteristic which separates the hopeful from the heartbroken

In my experience, you don’t rich quickly. You don’t get fame quickly. You don’t get deep relationships quickly. Instead, you follow this process.


Why I wait 24 hours before working on a new idea

When you get the adrenaline rush of a new idea, don’t use it for working. Use it to dream up more ideas. Write down the idea. Then write down the next 57.

How To

The only way to become a better public speaker as an introvert

And now, introvert, it’s time to tell you the truth: The only way you can become a better public speaker is to speak more.


7 things Albert Einstein taught me about creativity

We find clues to creativity in anyone from Pablo Picasso to a nameless, sweaty bricklayer. Or, in this case, a wild-eyed physicist who did poorly in school.

The Whole Human

How to turn bad into good

Do good things when you have bad days. Do good things when you feel bad. Do good things. Start with this eight-point to-do list.


7 strategies to help you convert an idea into reality

The harsh truth: Your idea is probably not as good as you think. This is not an insult to your intelligence. It is an observation of the creatives’ mindset.

Career Change

Considering quitting? Ask yourself these 6 questions first

I have quit a lot of things in my life. Once upon a time, big decisions were knee-jerk reactions. Now, I try and ask these six questions.

Levelling Up

How to be smarter than people smarter than you

I read the things smart people write down. By deciding to read more, you’ve already become smarter than most “smart people.”


How to stay creative in a sea of corporate boredom

Very few people think they are creative. Most believe it’s a magical gift which is bestowed upon the smartest, wildest, or best looking. Not true.