Articles by Shana Lebowitz


A time-management expert has a ridiculously simple strategy to feel less busy

Laura Vanderkam's new book, "Off the Clock," suggests that we can eliminate many of our seemingly obligatory daily tasks without fear of repercussion.

Office Life

15 proven ways to get people to take you seriously

If you want coworkers and friends to take you seriously, you've got to think seriously about the image you're projecting — from your outfit to your speech to your body language.


Advice for entrepreneurs from 16 people who did it themselves

Business advice from entrepreneurs, startup founders, and CEOs comes in handy. We asked 16 entrepreneurs to share some words of wisdom, based on lessons they've learned and mistakes they've made along the way.

The Whole Human

24 life skills every adult should master before turning 30

We've put together a handbook of sorts for anyone transitioning from their 20s to their 30s, which lists many of the skills you'll need to survive as an adult in the modern world.

Work-Life Balance

What Paul Ryan’s ‘weekend dad’ excuse tells us about how fatherhood is changing in the U.S.

We can't say for sure whether that's really Ryan's primary motive against seeking re-election in November, but it's hard to argue that someone should devote less attention to parenting.

Job search

Here’s how to write an email to a potential employer

It's easier than it seems — as long as you follow certain etiquette and avoid the most common mistakes that modern job-seekers make.