Rachel Weingarten

Rachel Weingarten

Rachel Weingarten is a marketing & brand strategist and president of 729.marketing. She’s a pop culture and trends analyst who frequently writes about business and style and the business of style. Rachel’s a sometimes professor, teaching personal branding and the history of beauty culture and cosmetic marketing on the graduate and undergraduate levels. She leads corporate seminars on topics including evolving communication and spirituality in the workplace. Rachel is also the author of three award winning non-fiction books. Tweet with her @rachelcw.

Articles by Rachel Weingarten

Job search

Make your resume more like a blockbuster movie

So, how can you make your resume more tempting at first glance? Catch their interest from the first minute. We're here to help.

Job search

What to do when you’re fired: The 10-point plan

If you find yourself fired from your own loved or loathed job, here are 10 things you probably should do according to experts.

Personal Branding

4 sneaky ways to brand yourself at work

If you’ve been watching Yellowstone, Kevin Costner’s new western on the Paramount network, you’ll have noticed that anyone deeply connected to his mega-ranch has a disturbingly similar feature.

Career Advice

Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian wants to be your mentor

Ladders caught up with Alexis Ohanian who shared tips on creating smart partnerships, finding your values and carving out a spectacular career.

Office Life

Balancing fun and work during the dog days of summer

As we inch ever closer to Labor Day, there seems to be a slow-burn panic to have as much fun as possible while we still can. But is there a way?


8 alternatives to traditional business cards

New ideas for business cards, which showcase your name and title and clearly and easily offer others your preferred ways of being in touch.

Pop Culture

Career lessons from ’80s music

Since music adds the backdrop to most of our lives, here are some career lessons and takeaways from what is often unfairly dismissed as a musical wasteland.

Office Life

Is it OK to exhibit your superstitions in the workplace?

So, is it okay to exhibit superstitions all the time at work? According to an expert on, it depends on how heavily you rely on them.

Personal Branding

Are you hiding behind your work? How to take credit for the genius that is you

Take credit for being a genius. Modesty is a virtue, or so they say. Modesty in the workplace is another thing entirely – here’s why.


7 ways to set the right goals for the second half of the year

Wondering how to reignite or reset your own goals? The summer slowdown is a great time to take stock and reset your goal expectations.

Be less boring: Make your resume more like a meme

In 2016, Google Trends — which tracks the popularity of search terms — revealed a somewhat startling statistic.


6 email mistakes you’re making (and how to fix them)

This article could easily have been called 600 Of the Extremely Annoying Things You Do on Email and Must Stop Immediately, but for the purposes of brevity and clarity, I’ve whittled down the list to six of the worst offenders.

Personal Branding

Men’s grooming for beginners: Why you should pay more attention to your sideburns and stubble

Even if you can’t take time during your day for a quick shave, you probably should spend a few moments thinking about your own grooming game.


Use your grown-up voice! Ditch vocal fry, baby talk or bro-language

The thing is that whether you realize it or not, the way you speak might be alienating others in the workplace or your work orbit.


Not just for the beach: 12 books worth reading this summer

While everyone else is catching up on the latest beach reads (spoiler alert: All the characters in those will reveal a secret past before living happily ever after), you might want to cozy up to something completely different.


4 very basic skills you might not have (and how to get them)

The bottom line is, if you’re unable to do something, there are more ways than ever to learn to do them and blow up the notion that an entire generation of people can’t figure out basic skills.

Office Life

How to look and feel comfortable in the office this summer

Worried that you’re going to look like a hot sweaty mess at the office this summer? Fear not. You can look cool, comfortable and in charge without sacrificing your professional edge.


How starting a doodling habit could change your life for the better

A new study concluded that adding even short bursts (15-20 minutes) of art or doodling AKA “creative self-expression or art-making tasks” could result in “individuals perceiving themselves as having good ideas and being able to solve problems.”

How To

You’re invited! Now what? Dealing with summer soirees

Work, weddings, barbecues and other summer soirees; the invitations seem to come in fast and furious this time of year. So, do you have to attend just because you’re invited? And more than that, do you have to bring a gift or give a speech? And while we’re at it, when can you beg off?

Work-Life Balance

Should you take Fridays off? The pros and cons of setting up summer hours

Some industries have an unofficial summer Friday policy in which they just aren’t around at all on Fridays from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Before you start your own personal Friday-free policy, consider this first.

Office Life

How to pay attention to the warning signs that you’re acting like a brat

“Anything you can do, I can do better.” Those may be classic lyrics from Annie Get Your Gun, but they also seem to be an underlying theme with a large percentage of people in the workplace.


7 career lessons you can learn from TV pilot season

Every year, about this time, the networks announce the new TV lineups and listings of shows that will debut in the fall. And every fall, the majority of those pilots disappear without as much as a whimper. Believe it or not, there are a lot of career lessons to be learned from the best and worst TV pilots.

Words at Work

Old expressions updated for the modern professional

How can you stop using those pesky expressions that mark you as being out of touch? First things first, identify why they’re so annoying.

How To

Use the element of surprise to shake up your job search

Sometimes you really need to change things up if only to alleviate your own boredom with the process. Here are some fun ideas to inspire you while searching for your next gig.


What you can learn from IKEA that will make you better at your job

Love them or hate them, chances are extremely good that at some point in your life you’ve bought, assembled or hacked a piece of Ikea furniture. Believe it or not, there is a lot to be learned from the furniture giant.