Praveen Tipirneni

Praveen Tipirneni

Praveen Tipirneni is president and CEO of Morphic Therapeutic Inc.

Previously, he was Senior Vice President of Corporate Development and Global Strategy at Cubist Pharmaceuticals, a position in which he served from 2002 until the company’s acquisition by Merck in 2015.

Articles by Praveen Tipirneni

Job search

Why turning down a high-paying job for a lower-level role isn’t always bad

While accepting a lower-level role isn’t the only way to grow, it’s the route I recommend for maximum career-security, growth, and learning opportunities.

How To

The ins and outs of negotiating with someone who is clearly a better negotiator

Some see negotiating as a game of wits. A mental match between the two sides. The reality is, there are things that are equally important — if not more so.


How to get people involved in and committed to your company goals

As a leader, you can’t just send out memos with a list of goals and expect everyone to band together and commit to them. You have to harness the desire for purpose and commitment in a way that brings people together around your company goals.

The Whole Human

This is the difference between being a contrarian and an independent thinker

There is reputational risk in independent thinking. When you first look at the successes of some independent thinkers, it may seem great to stand out. They’re lauded as trailblazers and geniuses.

Office Life

How managers should deal with conflict between two employees

That type of conflict grows over time.


This is why it is so hard to delegate (and how you can fix it)

Every good leader has to learn the art of delegation. The secret? Delegation is only tough when you haven’t hired the right people. If your team excels at their jobs, then all you have to do is choose the best person to make the decisions for each task.


This is what it takes to make a meeting successful

Skipping past all the generalized industry-speak on best practices for meetings, here are a few things company leaders and members should consider when quantifying these time blocks.


How to set life goals when you don’t even know where to start

Many people jump into a solution before taking the time to understand the problem.

Office Life

Here’s how to make your job more fulfilling

Our normal definition of fun clearly doesn’t fit the workplace setting. So, here’s why you shouldn’t aim for work that’s fun, but for work that’s fulfilling.


This is what causes poor communication in the workplace

It’s easier than ever to communicate with colleagues. And yet, that doesn’t always make us more efficient. In fact, just the opposite happens.


This is why you aren’t achieving success despite working super hard

Oftentimes, we find ourselves hitting a brick wall. We ask ourselves "Why do I work so hard but yet I don't achieve success?" Subsequently, we narrow our focus so intensely to achieve that goal till we eventually blind out all other opportunities and happenings that pass us by.


Why rituals have a purpose and how to benefit from them

People who perform at the highest levels put themselves through extreme rituals. All of these rituals are developed as part of a quest for expertise.


What is the single most important leadership quality?

Do leaders need to be an introvert, an extrovert, or something else entirely? It really boils down to one thing. The most important quality is conviction.


4 books that are essential for learning leadership and management skills

I recommend the following books as a starting point for anyone who wants to dive deep into the projects. They are based on four of the most significant management projects in U.S. history: the Apollo program, the Manhattan Project, the Panama Canal, and the Transcontinental Railroad.


A life lesson learned the hard way and what it taught me

Extreme situations don’t happen by accident. Decisions are made beforehand that determine a specific outcome. We call those decisions “preparation” — or a lack thereof.


How to balance your personal and professional life

Think about your future self and then do what you can right now to ensure you have the personal life to work-life balance you want later on.