Articles by Ozan Varol


Why imperfect is more beautiful than perfect

Perfect and beautiful aren’t the same. Perfect often degrades. It’s the flaws, the imperfections, the roughness around the edges that generate the beauty.

The Whole Human

Simplify your life with the mental model known as Occam’s razor

As Einstein put it, everything should be made “as simple and as few as possible.” This principle has become known as Occam’s razor.

Family Life

Why you should let your children fail more often

You have the best of intentions, but resist that natural parental instinct. By shielding children from failure, we’re doing them a serious disservice.


Here’s why you should stop looking for a mentor

Will you be my mentor? This question makes me cringe. It’s just that when someone asks me to be their mentor, I don’t know what I’m signing up for.

The Whole Human

Here’s why you can’t hit home runs every time

Life isn’t about repeatedly hitting home runs. Rather, it’s about strikeouts, singles, and doubles, until we slowly, but steadily, reach home base.

The Whole Human

The reason why ‘quiet your inner critic’ is bad advice

Much like the fellow human beings around us, once you start respecting your inner critic, you’ll find that it respects you back.

The Whole Human

Why you should allow yourself to get bored more often

The next time you are feelingbored, resist the temptation to reach for your phone. Instead, do what you did as a six-year-old: Begin daydreaming.

The Whole Human

Facts don’t change people’s minds. Here’s what does

In the end, it takes courage and determination to see the truth instead of the convenient. But it’s well worth the effort.

The Whole Human

Here’s the most dangerous proverb in the English language

Curiosity requires an admission of ignorance. Asking a question means that we don’t know the answer, and that’s an admission that few of us are willing to make. For fear of sounding “dumb,” we assume most questions are too basic to ask, so we don’t ask them.

The Whole Human

The problem with mimicking successful people

You’ve fallen victim to the survival bias. You’re seeing only the winners, not the losers (and with a large enough population, you can always find winners). For every successful Branson, Jobs, and Zuckerberg, there’s a hapless person who made a terrible mistake. But those people don’t make the news.


The 4 reasons to stop setting goals (and focus on process, instead)

The word “process” might be better reserved for an assembly line, but don’t let its unsexiness distract you from the dramatic changes this shift can unleash in your life.


How to say ‘no’ to your boss

Saying "no" is about embracing quality over quantity.