Monica Torres

Monica Torres

Monica Torres

Monica Torres is a reporter for Ladders based in New York City. She previously worked as a trending news editor for Facebook. She has written about tech, feminism, and sports for Fusion, Real Life magazine, Slate, and the Hairpin. She can be reached at

Articles by Monica Torres


This executive likes to literally make her clients sweat

Many managers enjoy walk-and-talks to get employees out of the restrictions of the office and into the looser habitats of the wild.


If you sleep less than 7 hours, you are more likely to crash your car

Before worrying about how your workday is going to go, first, worry about how you are going to get there, and if you're OK to drive.

According to Science

How we think about introverts and solitude may be all wrong

"Under this new personality paradigm ... when you have a strong sense of self and feel in control of your life, solitude becomes an enjoyable experience."


Women (especially founders) face a 20% equity gap at work

"The research found that women make up 35% of equity-holding employees, but only hold 20% of equity. The gap gets more pronounced for female founders."


The pros and cons of abruptly quitting like Vontae Davis

The abrupt exit stunned and angered his team, providing lessons on what to do when a job becomes untenable and you feel like you need to get out — now.


For better or worse, our minds are hardwired to forgive people

A new study suggests that we keep giving people who have wronged us the benefit of the doubt because deciding to forgive people is out of our control.


People fear robots taking over jobs around the world

Only Japan (74%), Poland (52%) and Hungary (52%) said that robots performing human jobs would make economies more efficient.


Men talk 92% of the time on conference calls

“One could surmise that male executives (on conference calls) are more prone to speaking simply to hear themselves speak.”


ACLU says Facebook allowed employers to post job ads that excluded women

The ACLU complaint argues that Facebook is not just a middleman for jobs, but acts as an employment agency and is therefore liable.


Women in STEM more likely to drop out if they are only female in class

"Women pioneers were not only more likely not to finish their [STEM] degree in time, but they were also more likely not to get it at all."


How the language in letters of recommendation can hold women back

"It's a reminder of how bias can creep into language with even well-intentioned efforts and can still cause lasting harm to careers."

According to Science

Robots have the power to influence children’s decisions

"A discussion is required about whether protective measures ... should be in place that minimize the risk to children during social child-robot interaction."


How to write an out-of-office email that works

The added bonuses of humor can sweeten the out-of-office message, but ultimately, all you need to do is let people know that you are alive yet unreachable.


More employees would pick natural light over childcare when it comes to work perks

We set our internal clocks to natural light. The study demonstrates that natural light is more of a basic need, less of a fun perk.


How we can apply the lessons of the Fred Rogers documentary to our own careers

The new moving documentary on Fred Rogers worldview and career has lessons we can apply from the film to our own professional lives.


There was a 2016 Amazon patent putting workers in cages

Amazon had an idea to put humans in cages above a robotic trolley so that they could work in robot-only zones safely and efficiently.


The global misery index has reached its highest levels in years

It's a sad, sad, sad, sad world! A tide of negative emotions has led to the Negative Experiences Index reaching the highest it has been in 12 years.


Why team sports can help you live longer

It pays to play well with others: A new study shows that people who participated in team activities had a health advantage over people who exercised alone.


Sick of your job? These companies will pay you to quit

The quit incentive sounds counterintuitive but it demonstrates that these companies are prioritizing commitment to the job over mindless output.


Employees are willing to quit their jobs if they can’t relocate

More than one-fifth of U.S. workers have quit a job because they were denied the ability to transfer to a different location.


Career lessons from the US Open’s heated women’s final

To some fans, the inconsistent application of tennis rules against Serena Williams was a sexist double standard they also had witnessed in their workplaces.


The factor that may be better at predicting wealth than age and race

Our ability to delay gratification is among the best predictors of wealth, a factor the ranks above ethnicity, height, age, or race.


Why Sheryl Sandberg personalizes notes and how it can help you

By regularly documenting her interactions with each of her employees, Sheryl Sandberg signals that she is taking their concerns seriously.


You’re less likely to share with culturally different coworkers

Your cultural background at work can determine if colleagues are willing to share or are more likely to withhold business information with you.


44% of younger Facebook users say they have deleted the app

Almost half of younger users have deleted Facebook from their phones. The exodus from suggests we may want a healthier relationship with technology.