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Meredith Lepore

Meredith Lepore is the Deputy Editor of Ladders. She is based in New York City and can be reached at

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These are the Top 50 best places to work for in 2018

It's summer which means most of us are clamoring to get out of the office most of the time. However, if you work for one of these 50 companies that may not be the case. Indeed just released its 50 top-rated workplaces in America annual report and some pretty impressive companies made the cut. 


This startup will never let you use the ‘I forgot my gym clothes’ excuse again

This has definitely happened to you. You are all set to go to the gym after work only to find that you forgot your workout clothes or sneakers. Or you have bottoms, but no top. Or you didn't pack clothes for your business trip but ended up with a lot of downtime that could be spent doing a fun class or hitting the hotel gym. Well, guess you'll just sit in a corner and twiddle your thumbs then (and probably gain weight while you're at it, according to a recent survey by Hilton Hotels on business travel.) Cue Routinely. 

Mental Health

This is why you may want to take a bath, instead of a shower, after a stressful day

Though showers have been proven to help relieve stress and even serve as your own personal think tank at times, those old baths are making a comeback it seems. Yes sometimes soaking in your filth is absolutely necessary it seems. A new study from the Japan Health and Research Center, Tokyo City University and Jichi Medical University found that there are a number of physical as well as mental health benefits from soaking in a tub daily. 

Office Life

This small accessory may solve the thermostat wars in your office

There are three common problems employees face in the summer: Trying to focus or get anything done when it is beautiful outside and half your office (and people you communicate with) are on vacation living their best lives, fighting the urge to not wear shorts, flipflops, skimpy sundresses, beach coverups, bathing suits everyday, and arguing with your coworkers over the temperature in the office. Oh summer in the office!


This CEO dropped everything and moved to Bali and it changed his life completely

It sounds like the plot of a movie. Super successful CEO has a great job but is feeling burned out and never get to see his family and friends because of his career success. So he decides to drop everything and move to Bali. But this isn't a movie plot. This is what Ben Feder, the entrepreneur behind Take Two Interactive and the now President of International Partnership for Chinese internet titan firm, Tencent did.


What you need to know before trying a detox

Detox is a huge buzzword these days, but it’s hard to know if it’s a healthy practice or just a total gimmick. When it comes to the science behind detoxification, the answer actually lies somewhere in between.


Sorry, but coffee will not sober you up, according to a new study

According to a new study, coffee does not sober you up if you are drunk — it's not the miracle elixir we thought it was.

Job Search

These are 10 best (and worst) states to be unemployed in

GOBankingRates ran a study to determine which states are the best — and the worst — for unemployment if you're looking for a job.


These are the countries with the best work-life balance

All eyes are on the world's best soccer teams right now, but what about which countries have the best work life balance for their employees? OK, so it isn't quite as exciting but if you have no work life balance then you have no time to watch soccer so there you go.


You need to clean your earbuds ASAP

Do you know how many times you’ve put them in your ears, stuffed them into your pocket, shoved them into your bag, held them in your sweaty palm and put them back in your ears again? Infinite.

7 ways to stay hydrated during the day even if you hate water

Yes, I get it. Water is super important. There's just one problem. I have never liked it.


These are the 10 cities where a $100K salary is considered low

Between housing costs, taxes and childcare that paycheck will go very fast in these 10 cities.


This is the exact time you need to power nap, according to experts

If you find yourself really struggling to keep your eyes open during the work day you should consider a quick power nap.


How to conduct an interview when you secretly hate your job

There are a lot of downsides to secretly (or not so secretly) hating your job, but one of the worst is interviewing candidates. “They were such a great candidate. I’d hate to ruin their life by bringing them here,” a senior-level manager once told me after meeting the person whom I thought was perfect for the open position. If you find yourself in the position of conducting an interview when you hate your own job, take a deep breath.


New study says coffee will extend your life, but it also has this surprising benefit

It seems like everyday there is a new study telling us either that coffee is slowly killing us or making us healthier. Today's latest study, published Monday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, says drinking coffee will help extend your life span.


How the founder of ClassPass keeps up her workout routine on a business trip

Working out is super beneficial for most people and can be a great way to keep yourself balanced and shed the work stress of the day (or if you do it first thing in the morning, it can really set the tone for the day.) The problem is even the most devoted of workout folks can get completely thrown off when they travel for work.

Job Search

Teens are working less this summer, except for in this industry

For teenagers summer time means freedom from those long school days and just fun in the sun. However, for many of them, paying for all that fun in the sun requires money which their parents are sick of shelling out. In the past that meant one thing: the classic summer job. However, according to new data from Pew Research Center, teens are working less than ever during the summer months. 


This is how millennials really feel about business travel

Seventy-five percent of young professionals in the U.S. see business travel as a major work perk and 65% consider it to be a status symbol, according to a recent survey commissioned by Hilton Hotels & Resorts.

Highest Paying Jobs

These are the 15 cities with the most $100K+ jobs in July 2018

Ladders put together a list of the 15 cities hiring the most $100K+ jobs using data from its continuously updated database of high-paying jobs. Check them out — and click through to see which cities and their job openings that might be right for you.

Highest Paying Jobs

These are the Top 15 companies hiring for $100K+ jobs in July 2018

To help you find what you are looking for, Ladders has put together this list of companies hiring for the highest paying jobs as of July 2018. Ladders compiled the data using its continuously updated database of high-paying jobs. Check them out — and click through to see job openings that might be right for you.

Work-Life Balance

Your Google Calendar now wants you to totally check out on vacation

Though according to a recent Wrike survey of 1,000 American employees, one-third of employees intend on being available to work on vacation (and they have to do this in order to actually enjoy their vacation) your Google Calendar does not want you to even check your email if you are OOO. It just launched a new feature that will tell your community hours you are unavailable and will also act as your personal assistant and decline meetings for you. 

Job search

The Top 10 words men use on resumes versus women are shockingly different

Research by the University College London and recruiting platform Oleeo found that words women use on a resume may hurt their chances of landing a job.

Personal Finance

A six-figure salary in San Francisco is now considered ‘low income’

In the Bay Area having a salary of $117,400 qualifies you as "low income" in some counties, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. WHAT?!


This young woman turned the classic yoga class model upside down and people love it

Y7 Studio co-founder Sarah Larson Levey wanted to change the stereotypical image of yoga — It is just you, your sweat and some truly bumpin' beats.


No mo’ FOMO: Study finds 40% of people have deleted a social media account in the past year

Some days it feels like we live, breathe, and die social media, but that may be changing. The recent events impacting privacy on Facebook and Twitter in the past year have prompted 40% of people with social media accounts to delete at least one of them in the past 12 months, according to new research by PR agency Edelman.