Articles by Maxie McCoy


3 questions to handle feeling super down

Sometimes life and the world can feel heavy. Here are three questions you should ask yourself when you are feeling super down.


Why the idea of ‘the big leap’ is total nonsense

You don’t have to risk it all immediately to get what you’re hoping for. A big leap doesn’t guarantee you getting to your desired future faster.


Why small and boring plans will change your life

I know that big-picture thinking gets all the glory.

The Whole Human

Never say never. Unless it’s these 8 things I’ll never repeat

I know. Never is a long time. But barring all momentary lapse of memories, intuition, or good judgment, I’ll never repeat these again.

How To

Unmet goals: A meditation meltdown

We hear the hype all the time: “Ten minutes of meditation a day keeps the doctor away.”

Personal Finance

How speaking up changed my financial future

Are you talking to anyone about money?


3 ways to respond to curveballs you didn’t see coming

Often a change of plans is what’s needed to get to exactly where we need to be. Life throws a lot of curveballs and this is how you deal with them.


Totally unsure about something? Do this now (like right now)

You need to start talking to your future self.

The Whole Human

How to actually move on (from anything)

In order to move forward, you have to move on. And in order to move on, you have to let go. You can only get so far with your leash still on.

The Whole Human

15 tiny ways to have a much better day

A day is just an ordinary day. We live so many of them. Sunrise to sundown, these days can feel long as hell. And these days can also feel so drudgingly slow, like they’ll never actually end. But what does it look like for an ordinary day to feel so damn full?


The one choice all wildly powerful people make

Powerful people, which isn’t about authority or leadership or success or status (although it can often go hand-in-hand with all of these things), show their power because they’re able to show you yours.

The Whole Human

Rage! Why it can be a good thing (seriously)

So if you’re feeling RAGE, feel it. Ask what’s going on. Eventually, you’ll get clarity. You just might have to get a little angry first.

The Whole Human

It’s time to halt the hustle and open your heart

Every day you’re hustlin'. Every day you try to get farther. Isn’t there a better way? There is. Drop the hustle and return to your heart.

The Whole Human

Searching for greatness? 15 humans you need in your personal treasure chest

These are the 15 people that have hands down changed everything for me. Fill your treasure chest with these humans and you’ll have a life you never believed possible.