Lindsay Tigar

Lindsay Tigar

Lindsay Tigar is a seasoned lifestyle and travel writer. When she’s not busy writing, she’s collecting another passport stamp, taking a boxing class or trying new foods. A full collection of her work can be found at

Articles by Lindsay Tigar

Food At Work

Nutritionists on what you should never, ever do during the day

"Office settings are generally conducive to peer pressure ... making it easier to fall off your healthy-eating bandwagon."

Salary Negotiation

Successful professionals share the thing that helped them land a raise

Though the process varies by industry and company, there are various ways to reap the ‘yes’ you’re looking for – and have earned – when seeking a raise.

Office Culture

How to talk your employer into a dog-friendly office

So, how do you sell your own employer on the concept of a dog-friendly office? Here, a few ideas to help make your case.


Ways to build your career confidence in a month

There are plenty of ways to supercharge your confidence and assurance with these helpful strategies from career experts.


Should you ever go into business with a friend?

Here, the smartest way to approach becoming professional partners with a friend – keeping your savings account and your friendship intact.

How To

Staying productive when you travel or are away from the office

If you’ve always wanted to take your gig on the road or try your chops at the sole proprietor life, consider adopting these secrets for staying productive, focused — and of course, adventurous.

Mental Health

Fall’s around the corner: How seasonal shifts impacts productivity (and how to cope)

While seasonal affective disorder is commonly discussed when the temperature drops below freezing, any shift in weather can cause you to feel off kilter.

National Breastfeeding Month

What it’s like pumping at the office – from women who did it

Here, successful working mothers share how they transitioned back to work, mastered the difficulty of pumping and how you can, too.

Office Life

How digital nomads adjusted when going back to office life

How do they do it? Can it be done? Here, former digital nomads share how they readjusted to office life once they unpacked their bags … for good.

Career Advice

Left-handed CEOs share their best career advice

Because of how they’ve adjusted to life in a world designed for righties, left-handed people they’ve learned different strategies for success.


7 of the best tech products for working and traveling

To get the most out of working on-the-go and remain productive with your deliverables, you need to ensure your tech keeps up with your jet-setting.


4 companies that tailor to female entrepreneurs

Potential entrepreneurs: If you’re thinking about going out on a limb or advancing your career, it’s worth an email to these powerful movers-and-shakers.

Work Fashion

8 work backpacks for adults that are cooler than your dad’s

What once was considered just for school-aged kiddos or for nerds are now a mainstream must-have for every professional’s wardrobe: backpacks.

Office Life

6 signs you’re being taken advantage of – and what to do

If someone is continuously taking advantage of you, then they aren't showing you the respect that is due and owing to you.


8 inspiring beach reads that don’t feel like career advice

From page-turners that provoke creativity to memoirs that challenge you to work harder, consider these recommendations from successful professionals.

How To

Career advice that also doubles as dating advice

Often times, the process of finding someone you want to spend hours with, regardless if it’s romantic or professional, is grueling and difficult. That’s why so much of the wise words of wisdom about falling in love also apply to scoring an offer letter for your dream gig. Here, dating experts and love gurus give their best tips.

Career Advice

8 career podcasts you should download ASAP

If you’re looking for a way to advance your career, learn invaluable information, be entertained or inspired, career podcasts are a smart way to pass time.

The Whole Human

4 soft skills you should have mastered by age 30

Soft skills are related to the interaction between two or more people and speak volumes about your ability to be a leader.

career change

7 questions to ask before quitting your job

Even if that grand exit seems more and more appealing these days, career experts suggest reigning in those impulses — and answering a few questions first.

How To

Turning yourself from a professional into a brand

Like it or not, working in the digital era challenges everyone to create a personal brand — even if it is merely through Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

The Whole Human

5 choices that damage your professional reputation

Choices regarding your career influence your perceived character, your trajectory, and your future pursuits. Like it or not — the world is watching.

Office Culture

LGBTQ employees on what matters to them in the workplace

As pride month rounds out, it is important to remember that celebrating diversity and inclusion isn’t only welcomed from June 1 to June 30 — but year round.


5 ways to focus during the dog days of summer

It is important to find ways to stay focused, organized and on-task, even during summer when the sun beaming outside your office window is tempting.


How 5 brides stayed focused at work while wedding planning

While the path to the dream job and the dream person is quite similar, they start to become incompatible as you plan your wedding. Ask anyone who has balanced nuptial duties with a full-time gig and they’ll be quick to admit the stress of the period.

Office Culture

Unique ways these companies celebrate diversity and inclusion

While it is an appreciated gesture to be tolerant and welcoming from the inside out of your company — spanning internal practices and outward messaging — some businesses go above and beyond. After all, diversity and inclusion principles aren’t only important for a single month, but vital for progress year-round.