Joe Turner

Joe Turner

Joe Turner

Joe Turner A former recruiter, Joe Turner spent 15 years finding and placing top candidates in some of the best jobs of their careers. The author of "Job Search Secrets Unlocked" and "Paycheck 911," Joe also hosts his "Job Search Guy Radio Show" as well as weekly Resume Writing Workshops to thousands of job seekers across North America.

Articles by Joe Turner

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Transferable skills alone won’t win that job

If you have to look beyond your present industry or job title for your next position, identifying those transferable skills is a good exercise. But remember: It's only a starting point.

The 10 biggest minutes of your interview

Here's how to make the first 10 minutes of your interview work in your favor.

Is It Your Age or Your Attitude?

You can't turn back the clock, but you can show hiring managers your passion and record of results.

Can Recruiters Find YOU? 5 Online Methods to Borrow

Veteran recruiter Joe Turner describes online routes to the short list when professional talent scouts are looking for candidates.

5 Ways to Negotiate Salary Requirements

You’ll never have this much negotiating power than you do upon accepting an offer.

The Easy Way to Decode a Twitter Resume

The # signs and shortened urls can be confusing.

Acing a Job Interview After Age 50

You're certainly qualified, but resting on your laurels won't cut it in an interview.

I Attended a Networking Event. Now What?

The best ways to follow up after the networking event When you attend a networking event, whether a conference, seminar or business-club meeting, your work has just begun.

Out of Work? How Long Before It Hurts Your Career?

How long can you be out of work before recruiters cringe at the gap on your resume?

Ace Performance Reviews in a Down Economy

A raise is a reward, not a right.

Overcoming Pitfalls in the Senior-Level Interview

Prepare your sell for two audiences: the mid-level staffers and senior management.

Are You Making These 4 Resume Mistakes?

Are You Making These 4 Resume Mistakes?

Older Candidates: Don’t Take a Back Seat in the Hiring Process

Here are five pointers for candidates who may have a few years under their belts.

Market Meltdown: Change Your Job-Search Mindset

Market Meltdown: Change Your Job-Search Mindset The current economic meltdown is just the tip of a much larger iceberg that will have far reaching economic implications for all of us here in the U.