Erica Lamberg

Erica Lamberg

Erica Lamberg is a business, health, and travel writer whose work appears in Gannett, US News & World Report, Bankrate, MSN, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Reader’s Digest and NBC News. She is based in suburban Philadelphia.

Articles by Erica Lamberg

Office Life

Don’t let ghosts of work mistakes haunt your career success

Everyone has work skeletons in their closets. Slip-ups include losing accounts, lying to your boss, and making severe errors that you think will follow you around for the rest of your job life. Career pros offer tips on how to release the work demons and embrace your career success without fear.

Office Life

Watch out for these 4 downsides of moonlighting

Looking to moonlight to boost your income? It may seem like a great way to earn some extra bucks, but be aware there may be some drawbacks, especially in the personal side of your life.


College experts share 8 points of wisdom not taught in a class

Professors and administrators at several universities throughout the nation share their words of wisdom that aren’t found in lectures or in textbooks.

Office Life

6 ways to identify and break free from manipulative coworkers

It may be difficult to unmask a sneaky coworker who has selfish motives. We’ve asked work experts for cues on what to look for and how to navigate through the treachery to keep your work life more productive.


Use these 7 tips to squeeze some fitness into your next business trip

Fitness gurus share how you can put a jump in your step with a little bit of effort the next time you’re on a business trip.

Levelling Up

Experts share 7 reasons you may have been passed up for a promotion

Job experts and experienced managers weigh in on how to raise your promotion stakes.