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How to negotiate a job offer during the interview

It's an all-too-common negotiation challenge: How to handle the mid-interview salary question. It’s such a sticky sitch!

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4 ways to help master the phone interview

Keep these principles of strong phone etiquette in mind for your next interview or pitch call, and you’re sure to give a polished, professional impression.

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Lack experience? Make it up

In most cases, you don’t need to wait for the work to come to you. Instead, create your own opportunities to gain the experience you need – by doing it.


How to find out if you’re underpaid

How do you know if you’re being chronically underpaid? Use these sleuthing strategies to get started.


3 leadership lessons learned at the United State of Women Summit

I just wrapped up an incredible weekend in Los Angeles at the second United State of Women Summit, a gathering of over 5,000 women from across the country who are standing up to make their voices heard and take action in their communities.


How to land a meeting with an extremely busy person

Often time, the most challenging part about networking meetings is getting them on the schedule! Here’s how to make it happen.

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Four simple steps to refresh your job search for spring

Take these simple steps now to bring some of that spring cleaning spirit to refresh your job search.