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Did you fail at something? Good – do something else

Instead of just telling people to stop complaining, Jocko Willink realizes that we need more than that to truly change our behavior.


10 practical answers to 10 powerful questions

No one knows what they are doing. That’s life in 7 words. We’re all trying to figure things and out. That’s precisely what this article was about.

The Whole Human

The active mindset: A sure way to avoid being bored with life

“I’m bored.” When’s the last time you said that? I bet not too long ago. If you give me 4 minutes, I’ll tell you why that’s a bad sign.

Personal Finance

Financial & emotional freedom: What does it take?

Money doesn’t make you happy. And yet, we need it to live. So what do we do? Try hard to make more money? Or, be content with what we have?


Read this if you’re going through adversity

After going through a lot of adversity (personally and professionally) myself, I’ve learned a few things about staying motivated.

How To

Accelerate your learning curve with these 5 practical tips

I firmly believe there’s a difference in the way we learn. You can spend 10,000 hours doing something and learn nothing.


Do you make these thinking errors?

With practice, you can avoid some thinking mistakes that many of us make. And by avoiding these errors, we can improve our decisions, and consequently: Our lives and careers.

Personal Finance

How I’m getting richer every day: 4 ways to increase wealth

Enjoy your simple life, save your money, invest it wisely, and don’t lose your money. That’s how you get richer every day.

The Whole Human

Goals don’t replace systems  – and vice versa

People who claim that setting goals are a bad thing are out of their minds. They probably set some goals in the past, failed, and never set a goal again.

The Whole Human

How to manage your mood

So how do you avoid staying in a bad mood, caused by external things? And how do you even generate a good mood? Let’s discuss those two challenges.


Price’s Law: Why only a few people generate half of the results

Derek Price, who was a British physicist, historian of science, and information scientist, found out the following (now called Price’s law): 50% of the work is done by the square root of the total number of people who participate in the work.

The Whole Human

Impatience: The pitfall of every ambitious person

Waiting is one of the hardest things in life. But if you take a close look around you, you see many examples of people who waited for the right opportunity.

The Whole Human

Transform your life by transforming your habits

When I talk about habits, I don’t talk about outcomes. I talk about changing our actual behavior so that it improves the quality of our lives. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s my four-step process for making life-changing habits stick.

The Whole Human

If you want to start making better decisions, do this

Do you ever look back on your decisions and think, “Why I on earth did I do that?” We all make bad decisions. You can never avoid making a mistake. However, you can avoid making the same mistake more than once.


Being different beats being better

I always thought that the best wins at anything. That might be true for sports. But not for life and business. If you’re trying to build a profitable business or stable career, you might be approaching it all wrong.


Here is why you should live like you’re immortal

It seems like all my peers have this idea that being young is an excuse for not living a satisfying life. But Millennials are not the only group of people who hide behind excuses. We all do. I get it. Taking on responsibilities in life is scary. It’s way cooler to have toast with avocado.


The best investment decision I have ever made

Every decision you make in life is either an investment or a waste. We need to improve our skills if we want to survive, let alone be successful.

Office Life

What to do when you can’t focus

Do you struggle to focus on a single task? Are you always distracted by notifications, gossiping, or anything that’s random? In that case, you and I are alike.

Personal Finance

8 books that teach you to be rich

The 8 books that I recommend in this article will help you to do that. Read them and you’ll never have to worry about personal finance again.

Career Advice

The single piece of advice that changed the course of my career

It is the best piece of career advice I’ve ever received. It’s good because it’s simple. And it works for every single industry.

The Whole Human

Say what you think and don’t be apologetic about it

Have you ever stated your opinion only to be shot down by someone else? Maybe by your spouse, boss, parents, or best friend? Or even a stranger? Having an opinion doesn’t mean you know everything. It just means you have something to say. You could be wrong.


How to improve your mindset, build strength, and make a living doing what you love

If you want to get stronger, fitter, and make a living doing what you love — start with your mind first. The rest will follow by itself.

How To

Leave the office on time and don’t take your work home

Think about why you’re working in the first place.


How to beat procrastination (backed by science)

When you procrastinate, you might feel better in the short-term, but you will suffer in the long-term. One thing that all procrastinators have in common is that procrastination has a price.


All strength comes from repetition

The biggest mistake you can make is to ignore the basics in your profession. This is true no matter what you do, where you live, or who you are. When you ignore the foundation of what makes you good, you will never be consistent. The key to consistency? Repetition.