Articles by Christopher D. Connors

The Whole Human

5 ways to invest in yourself – the concept of compound interest

You can start giving deeper thought to investing in yourself – in other words, building on the wins you’ve already accumulated.


1 hour per day doing this mental exercise will exponentially increase your success

Know this — nothing will ever go exactly according to plan, but your odds of reaching your goals and success dramatically improve once you put something to plan.

Levelling Up

The 3 things the world’s most successful people do every day

Everyone’s path to being successful is different, and in reality, there are hundreds of things that each individual follows to get from point A to point B.

The Whole Human

The only 8 words you need to motivate you to take action

So what are you waiting for? The world is not going to come to you. There’s too many other qualified people. There’s way more effective ways to get things done that earn results. You can’t just sit around and function at lukewarm. Get inspired. Get fired up.

The Whole Human

The 10 qualities of an emotionally intelligent person

I hope you gain value from this and learn to understand the ways you can influence your mind, and the minds of others, by growing emotionally every day, in all that you do.

The Whole Human

Your desire to succeed should be as great as your desire to help others succeed

The most important lesson for any new graduate, someone early on in their career or even a savvy veteran to understand is that success only works in a reciprocal manner. What that means is, our desire to succeed should truly be as great as our desire to help others reach their big goals.

The Whole Human

How to win the biggest battle of all

To be at peace mentally and emotionally, we often need to be at peace spiritually. This means — we have to accept life for what it is, to acknowledge things at face value, then do our best to influence and impact how we want to change things so they will align with our truth — our vision and purpose. It is this vision and purpose that must guide us to win the battle within.

The Whole Human

30 excuses stopping you from living your best life (and 30 solutions to overcome them)

Studies show that failure is among the most common reasons for making excuses. Fear of what we don’t understand is also at the top of the list. Whatever your excuse, know this — you’ll never get to where you truly want to be if you continue to make excuses. Start making solutions instead. Here’s one excuse for every day of the month and one solution to counter each one.

The Whole Human

Focus on what you can control and you will win every time

Don’t worry about what others are doing — especially if you find it turning into envy or frustration. You’re on your own path for a reason. Know your purpose, clarify your goals and keep powering forward with confidence and conviction.

Career Advice

Why you feel unsatisfied in your career (and how to solve it)

You have to be smart about identifying what’s holding you back, and how to equip yourself to transform your situation and build what you really want on the foundation of your current situation.


Here are 5 ways to minimize ruts and launch your growth

I’ve synthesized my thoughts and provided five ways all of us can eliminate the time of each down period or rut we go through, and to power forward with the advantage of lessons learned and personal growth. Here are five ways to become more productive and happier mentally by minimizing these downtimes.

The Whole Human

These 5 things will give you the confidence to accomplish anything

Confidence is desired in all kinds of relationships, and it’s the ingredient that colors our view of ourselves, as well as how we are perceived by society. So, it is confidence that is worth cultivating and being, in order to live in each moment of the day.