What to Wear to a Job Interview

When it comes to interview attire, there’s no “one size fits all.” Ask yourself these questions when choosing an outfit. 

Studies show that over half of your message is carried through nonverbal forms of communication, such as your body language, the tone of your voice, and, yes, your appearance. What do you want your interviewers to know about you? Do you want them to know you’re creative or analytical? Take a second look at your outfit in the mirror and ask yourself, “Does my outfit accurately reflect my personal brand ?”  Use this article as a guide to strategically incorporate pops of color into your interview outfit.

Does my outfit fit?

It’s difficult to appear relaxed and confident during an interview when your clothes are digging into your waist or falling off your shoulders. Fit matters. Make sure you try on your entire outfit a few days before the interview to make sure that everything is clean, pressed and still fits you properly.  If you’re in job-search mode, put a couple looks together for potential interviews and set them aside in your closet so they’re ready to go at a moment’s notice. If you’re shopping for a new outfit and are between sizes, it’s better to purchase the larger size and have a professional tailor the clothes to fit your figure.