If you drink this type of coffee, you are probably more productive

The morning cup of coffee is as much of a routine as waking up in the morning. To some, it’s a pivotal piece of the workday; a fuel needed in order to perform the tasks ahead. Coffee is often consumed due to having caffeine, which has benefits beyond making you feel alive in the morning but it can also create pitfalls like withdrawal.

But for those looking to get a little more out of their cup of coffee each morning, a new study says it depends on what type of caffeine is in your drink.

Research published in the journal Nutrients found that natural caffeine offers a more consistent and lasting effect compared to synthetic caffeine in regards to cognition and moods. A team from Clarkson University published the peer-reviewed study in hopes to find the difference in caffeine.

“We wanted to explore whether there was a difference in how natural caffeine-infused with adaptogens influenced cognitive function, mood and physiologic functions (heart rate, blood pressure and hand eye coordination) compared to synthetic caffeine,” Clarkson University Physical Therapy Professor Ali Boolani said in a press release. “Synthetic caffeine is what you find in most energy beverages whereas natural caffeine is what you find in coffee.”

Boolani with Sumona Mondal, PhD, Chemistry & Biomolecur Science professor Costel Daire, Masters student Tyler Wilkerson and PhD student Daniel Fuller found that both natural and synthetic caffeine improved cognition and moods, however synthetic caffeine had an initial spike after 30 minutes but slowed and tapered at 60 and 90 minutes. Natural caffeine had a “gradual improvement in performance,” according to Boolani.

“We think that if we would’ve continued our experiment we might have seen better improvements with the natural caffeine product (E+shots),” she said.