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13 body language blunders that can make you look bad


How leaders should write a ‘long-term vision’ email

When you write a “big idea” or long-term planning email, the danger is to write too much. If your employees open an email and are smacked right away with 14 giant paragraphs that scroll and scroll, they will recoil and dread the 30 minutes they need to spend sifting through your manifesto.

Personal Branding

If nice guys finish last, would it be better to be a bad guy?

Ah … The “Nice Guy” syndrome. There’s a common misconception out there that there are only two kinds of men. Nice guys and bad boys. But nothing could be further from the truth.

The Whole Human

Things to master before turning 50

Things to do before you turn 50 include providing mentorship to someone else, learning how to detect a lie, and tempering your expectations around relationships. Each one will help you become the very best version of yourself.

Today's Top Stories June 25, 2018


Survey: These are the top cities where tech employees are moving

Research finds that 60% of people who hire tech employees say they’re aiming to bring more people on board by the end of 2018.


No mo’ FOMO: Study finds 40% of people have deleted a social media account in the past year

Some days it feels like we live, breathe, and die social media, but that may be changing. The recent events impacting privacy on Facebook and Twitter in the past year have prompted 40% of people with social media accounts to delete at least one of them in the past 12 months, according to new research by PR agency Edelman. 


Women are two times more likely than men to suffer from ‘iPad neck’

Your smartphone device can be a literal pain in your neck, according to a new study from University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


Survey: These cities will literally give you the most bang for your buck this Fourth of July

The Fourth of July always presents a bunch of travel possibilities, but WalletHub has officially revealed the top destination to celebrate this year!

Office Life

How to cope when your mentor jumps ship at work

Coping when your mentor leaves the company you work for can be super tricky, but it shouldn't spell the end. So here's what to do instead of panicking.

Personal Finance

Survey: 31% of Americans have at least 6-months worth of money put aside for emergencies

While 46% of people think they won’t have enough money for retirement, new data shows that 31% have at least six months’ worth of money for emergencies.

Office Culture

The best pet-friendly places to work in 2018

At most workplaces, it's still only humans allowed, but an increasing number of workplaces, furry animals can co-exist peacefully with human employees.


Study: Binge drinking at happy hour can affect sleep and work

Think happy hours help you unwind after work? Think again. A new study shows how a single binge drinking episode affects the gene that regulates sleep.

Career Advice

4 signs indecision is stunting your career progress

Avoiding smart risks that can help you advance your career can also negatively impact you. Here are four signs that, by avoiding that next step, you are actually sabotaging yourself.


What does ‘clean eating’ even mean? 5 things to know

The “clean eating” movement began as a well-intentioned effort to encourage people to eat more vegetables and less processed food. It’s since exploded into the zeitgeist with such force it’s become downright mainstream.

The Whole Human

The daily routine of 20 famous writers (and how you can use them to succeed)

Discover and uncover the best daily routines of some of the most famous writers that have ever existed. You will learn how you can develop and use these routines in your own life to make steady progress every day and consistently follow through on what you set out to do.


The neuroscience of change: How to train your brain to create better habits

Habits are the brain’s internal drivers. If you want to change how you work or a bad habit, you should have a clear exit strategy to break out of the chain.

The Whole Human

10 days and 34 words to better relationships

Grab a sticky note and enhance how you express caring, warmth, humility, and respect for others through these 34 words. You’ll likely get back more of those same four relationship goodies from them. Not to mention faster request turnaround times and more enthusiastic, thoughtful help.


Is there a good way to say ‘no’ to your boss

I struggled with saying no to my boss and coworkers, until I started using these 5 approaches that allowed me to say “no” without sounding rude or lazy.

The Whole Human

The only 8 words you need to motivate you to take action

So what are you waiting for? The world is not going to come to you. There’s too many other qualified people. There’s way more effective ways to get things done that earn results. You can’t just sit around and function at lukewarm. Get inspired. Get fired up.


This hydration schedule will help you sleep like a baby, experts say

Do you frequently feel sluggish and irritated for no good reason when you wake up in the morning, instead of feeling rested and refreshed? You might be part of the one in three Americans who have at least mild insomnia.


This is why it is so hard to delegate (and how you can fix it)

Every good leader has to learn the art of delegation. The secret? Delegation is only tough when you haven’t hired the right people. If your team excels at their jobs, then all you have to do is choose the best person to make the decisions for each task.

How To

From campus to career: 5 tips to stand out during the job search

Regardless of all of the wonderful advice you will hear about resume content, what to wear, and interview questions, there are other components of interviewing that can set you apart:

The Whole Human

How to stop worrying: 7 powerful secrets from mindfulness

We all worry. At one point or another, almost one-third of people have dealt with a level of anxiety that would qualify as a disorder.


Millennials may be the first generation less healthy than their parents

For Millennials, distress about securing good jobs and housing is causing long-term negative health effects. According to a new report from The Health Foundation, Millennials in the U.K. may grow up the first generation to be less healthy than their parents by the time they reach middle age.


Japanese employee’s pay docked for starting lunch 3 minutes early

How long is too long of a lunch break? For one company in Japan, it only takes starting your break three minutes early to get punished for being a habitually late worker.

Office Culture

Twitter and Instagram celebrate #TakeYourDogToWorkDay

Take Your Dog to Work Day is in full effect, and people have been taking advantage of the occasion in workplaces in different parts of the world. Check out how the furry critters have been brightening things up at work through Twitter and #takeyourdogtoworkday.


What you should know before you combine finances after marriage

Sorry to interrupt your newlywed bliss, lovebirds, but here's a PSA: Before you say "I do," you should not just talk about your personal commitment to your loved one, but also to money. As you start to merge your life with your chosen partner, it's important to discuss if and how you are going to merge bank accounts.


This is why finding your passion can be bad advice

When you are at a loss at what to do with your life, you may have been given the well-intentioned advice to "just find your passion," as if it is something you can just dig up from the ground. Now, new Stanford research explains why this can be bad advice.

Social Media

Twitter users share what the most successful people do

A recent tweet got users on the social media platform all riled up about things they think the most successful people tend to do.

In case you missed it:


Study finds that ‘very unattractive’ people make more money

A study from the Journal of Business and Psychology of 20,000 young Americans, interviewed the subjects at home at age 16 and then three more times before they turned 29-years-old. The researchers looked at the correlation between attractiveness and income of the participants based on a five-point scale of physical attractiveness from "very unattractive" to "very attractive." They found something very interesting when it came to looks and earnings...


This is the surprising benefit of going for that third cup of coffee

That first cup of coffee in the morning is absolutely needed to wake you up. The second cup of coffee a bit later keeps the momentum up. The third cup is when you start to feel a bit guilty and doubt your sense of self. But this new study will help get rid of that guilt.


Stanford professor: The workplace is literally killing us

No good employer is going to outright say that they kill you, but new research finds that too many modern workplaces are grim reapers inflicting a fatal amount of stress on our bodies and minds.

You must meet one-on-one with your new hire in the first week … or else