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This is what determines whether or not most people will become successful in life

Today's Top Stories December 17, 2018

Office Life

7 dos and don’ts of an office romance

Most workplaces won’t have a problem with this as long as you follow the rules, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t complicate other areas of your life.


How to build your career mosaic

If you’re struggling to find mentorship don’t fret. You can find mentorship all around you.


4 benchmarkers everyone should follow

"If you haven’t carved out a plan, it should be a top benchmarker since it defines so much of your career and your ability to retire."

Office Life

9 unique ideas for celebrating Halloween, Christmas and other holidays at work

Here are 9 unique and interesting ideas for celebrating different holidays at work that you can throw together yourself and few of your favorite coworker friends, or suggest to the right people in your company:


What should creative people do?

"One popular keyword I found the topics I write on: 'What should creative people do?' I don’t know what you should do. Here’s what I do ..."


Oprah Winfrey starts every meeting with these same 3 sentences

Kicking off meetings can be awkward — there might be chit-chat among colleagues about totally irrelevant topics since they're all finally in the same space, and there are almost always stragglers and those who forget to call in well past the five-minute grace period.

Personal Finance

How I saved money for my wedding (while buying a house and quitting my job)

All of these changes are pretty expensive, so we had to be pretty strategic. This is especially true when it came to saving for our wedding.


What to do if you’re waiting (for anything) …

It’s really tough to be in that place of suspension and not get too obsessed with what might not happen, or what might.

The Whole Human

Crushed by negative feedback? Here’s the first step you need to take

"To maintain your enthusiasm in the face of negative feedback, you must first distinguish between your performance and your potential."

Job Search

Here’s exactly how many times you should follow up after a job interview

It's challenging to figure out just how many times you should follow up with the boss of your dream job after a great job interview.

The Whole Human

A list of 8 core values I live by

"Remember: Your values must be in line with who you are. Never copy someone else’s values or search for “core values list” on Google."


How to know if you have executive presence

When you walk into a room you know who has executive presence and who does not.


7 to-do list hacks that’ll help you be more productive every day

We all know writing a list is one of the easiest ways, but there may be some to-do list hacks that can help us be way more productive.


Are you ready to ask for what you want?

Far too often, people want to skip doing the basic work. So be sure that when you ask for what you want, you are indeed READY to be found.

Meditation for people who hate meditation

For my fellow hyper-active, somewhat-perfectionistic, stress-inclined achievers, our minds do desperately need a meditation break.

Mental Health

Why I’ve decided to stop stressing about the future

"Maybe the trick is to move away from the perceived stability of “forever” and focus on the excitement—instead of the anxiety—of the unknown."


How to actually stop checking your phone at work

You can break the habit, but it won’t be easy — one study found checkers peruse their smartphone an average of 80 times daily, or every 12 minutes.


5 ways to stay healthy this fall

“My best advice to prepare for the flu season is … being aware of your surroundings and conscious of areas that pose a high risk for infection.”

The Whole Human

How to lead a well-balanced life

"But what does it mean to lead a well-balanced life? Why does balance feel like an elusive concept?"

The Whole Human

Here’s proof that happiness doesn’t come from achievement

"One of the most difficult things I have had to confront in my own life has been this, right here. This idea that no mountain, trophy, reward, title, battle won, or achievement will ever, ever, ever be enough."


If your pilot has this accent, you will trust them more

A new survey of 4,207 U.S. travelers found that 54% of respondents are more or less confident in their pilot based on his or her accent.


1 in 15 Americans over 40 smell odors that aren’t really there

"Smelling a weird smell is not just a distraction, it affects your health. When you cannot smell properly, your body pays a price."

Levelling Up

3 ways to use social media to enhance your career

"Whether you're using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, you should keep in mind that recruiters check your social media."


Psychologists say ‘dark’ personality traits share this common thing

"When the researchers surveyed more than 2,500 people, they found a common thread between each of the people's dark personality traits: the D-factor."

Office Life

4 ways to have a hard reset at work

"It's really difficult to change your mindset when your desk is littered with pens, folders, books, and the like."

6 practical reasons why you are not a strong leader