25% of all professional jobs in North America will be remote by end of next year

Data projections show remote work opportunities will continue to increase through 2023

New York, New York (December 7, 2021) – Remote work is here to stay. Researchers from Ladders, the career site for jobs that pay $100,000 or more, have been carefully tracking remote work availability from North America’s largest 50,000 employers, not just those with listings on Ladders, since the pandemic began. Remote opportunities leapt from under 4% of all high paying jobs before the pandemic to about 9% at the end of 2020, and to more than 15% today.

Rapid remote work growth will continue
With the growth rate expected to remain steady, Ladders data scientists project a full quarter of all high paying jobs will be available remotely within twelve months. “This change in working arrangements is impossible to overhype. As big as it is, it’s even bigger than people think,” said Ladders CEO Marc Cenedella. “Hiring practices typically move at a glacial pace, but the pandemic turned up the heat so we’re seeing a rapid flood of change in this space. It’s really rather amazing.”

Cenedella, one of the first people to predict the virus would force remote work, says this is the largest societal change in America since the end of World War II. “It’s a complete economic restructuring. It changes everything. Work consumes about half of our waking hours. So when you change where you’re working and how you’re working, it impacts your entire life.”

This societal shift impacts everyone
Remote work frees employees from being stuck to a large city so Cenedella expects we will continue to see smaller cities and towns grow. Cities that have appealing lifestyle elements but historically lacked access to great professional jobs will see significant growth. Cenedella notes, “Those cities will see an influx of high-earning, well-educated professionals, which will change their school boards, their planning commissions and even the services offered to residents. Remote work at this scale will transform some communities completely.”

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