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5 ways to separate life and work when you’re the boss of your own business

Being your own boss is hard. Take care of yourself and use these tips to inch closer to the work-life balance you need to keep from burning out.


11 habits of ridiculously likeable people

Too many people succumb to the mistaken belief that being likeable comes from natural, unteachable traits that belong only to a lucky few. Wrong.


Chronic procrastination: 5 weird (but effective) ways you can conquer it

The 5-step checklist to get you to stop procrastinating and start being more productive.


Study: ‘Buddy system’ is a powerful way to change your habits

If you truly want to change, sometimes it's best not to go it alone. The buddy system works. Here's why, and how you can use it.


5 ways to finally get started on that big fall project

Here's how to shake off the dust and get started on that big project you've been putting off. Follow these tips to be more productive.


Liar liar pants on fire: 5 ways to spot bulls**t in the workplace

If your workplace is a den of lying, here are some tips to help you recognize the signs and how best to react.


Eight habits of highly emotionally intelligent people

The road to success is paved with emotional intelligence -- the “something” in each of us that affects how we manage behavior, navigate social complexities, and make personal decisions that achieve positive results.


What not to do when writing email subject lines

Don't make these subject line mistakes the next time you're about to send someone an email message in the workplace.


Ten uncomfortable deeds that will pay off forever

Sticking to your comfort zone means sagnation. Here are some of the best things to do that may make you uncomfortable and will lead to future success.


Old school: 7 ideas from ancient thinkers to improve your modern life

Seven powerful lessons from ancient wisdom for success in the modern world.


6 reasons why spending time alone is good for your career

Here's why spending some time alone — during the work week or when a lazy Sunday rolls around — can boost you professionally.


How to become a Renaissance leader in today’s business world

Are you interested in lots of different things rather than leaning toward becoming an expert in a single subject? Here's how to master becoming a successful 'jack of all trades'.


Here’s the crucial lesson Steve Jobs taught Apple’s Jony Ive about focus

According to the advice Steve Jobs gave Jony Ive, to organize your life, you'll need to prioritize what matters to you and clear away the clutter.


Fearlessness: 3 things you can learn from special ops and Navy SEALS

The traits that help Navy SEALs and Special Ops to succeed — preparation, confidence and humor — add up to fearlessness. Here's how you can have it, too.


Email is the most effective tool you are not using

With so many other forms of communication available, email may seem like the archaic tool from the Internet’s dark ages. But it's essential to do it right.


New neuroscience reveals 2 rituals that will make you more mindful

You might think you lack self-control. Or that you make bad decisions. But none of these explanations fixes the problem. Here's how to be more mindful.


Five principles from a golf coach to help you be the best leader you can be

Five rules — learned from a golf coach — for how to be a better, more effective, and more productive leader for your team.


How to read people: 5 secrets backed by research

Want to be perceptive like Sherlock Holmes? Here's the basic 101 on how to read people.

Science of Work

This is how boredom can make you brilliant

New book "Bored and Brilliant" by Manoush Zomorodi argues that we lose key moments for creativity, reflection, and growth when we don't space out.


Five signs you’re much smarter than average

Are you anxious and funny? Were you an early reader or are you left-handed? These are some of the attributes of people with high IQ -- otherwise known as smarty pants.


6 ways to create the perfect vision board

When it comes to your ultimate goals, a little visualization can go a long way. Here's how to craft a vision board that speaks to what you really want.


Ten silly things you do that make you less likable

Likability is so powerful that it can completely alter your performance. Here are 10 ways you make yourself less likeable.


6 ways to gear up your career for fall

After a long, relaxing summer, it's time to hit the ground running this fall. Here's how to make sure you're in a good place professionally.


You don’t need a golf club or yacht to network like a boss

The golf course has long been a favored spot for networking among the upper crust. But there are plenty of other ways for the rest of us to make strong career connections.


4 ways to deal with a difficult coworker

Dealing with a difficult coworker can be extremely stressful. Here's how to work with your least favorite colleague without losing your cool.


3 reasons to start napping in the afternoon

We can make up for lack of sleep at night with short naps. The consensus among sleep experts and sleep studies find that afternoon hours work best.


Six easy tricks that will make you way more productive

These six productivity hacks will teach you how to work smarter, not harder.


Lights Out: 7 night-time rituals that will make you happy and more productive

Nightly rituals can be as importance to personal happiness and productivity as morning rituals. Here are 7 of the most effective.


4 ways to get work done after hours

Here are a few tips to help you burn the midnight oil efficiently.

Office Life

4 ways to get your work done when you’re drowning in meetings

Try to schedule a meeting where no one sits down. That'll speed things up.

The future of work

6 absurdly beautiful workspaces you can use all over the world

Live like you are on vacation, and work like you never left the home office.

The Whole Human

9 signs you’re a highly sensitive person

Sensitive people experience sounds, feelings, and even the presence of other people much more intensely than the average person.


Why you should hit pause more often

Taking a pause can do wonders for your productivity and personal satisfaction. Here's why and how.


If you’re stressed, new study says to think of yourself as someone else

To put your problems in perspective, it helps to give yourself some objective distance. Here's a new technique with scientific backing.


Here’s how getting fit can help your career

What is the relationship between working out and career success? Simple, your body is the vehicle that does it all.


4 habits to improve your client relationships

Top four habits for effective and successful client relationships.


7 secrets that will make you build good habits

Building good habits can be hard. Here are the top seven most effective secrets to sustaining successful habits.


This is exactly how long your vacation needs to be for it to work

How long does it take for the stress of our workdays to melt away on vacation? A new study proposes an exact answer: eight days.


4 ways to stop your perfectionism from taking over your life

It takes you forever to complete tasks because everything just has to be perfect.


Here’s why enjoying yourself is the key to success

The science is clear: We accomplish our goals much more easily when we enjoy the process.


Workaholism: Is it an epidemic?

Is working beyond what can reasonably be expected an epidemic among on-the-job Americans?


Feeling right makes us happier than feeling good, study finds

The key to happiness isn't sunshine and smiles. It's getting to express who we really are on a daily basis.

Technology at Work

4 ways to shut down your smartphone obsession

We already know that we're obsessed with our phones. But when it comes to how and when we use them, we ultimately have a choice.


7 secrets top athletes can teach you about being the best at anything

We’d all like to be better at what is most important to us. Top athletes and their coaches as well as the best sports research can reveal how to get there.


Grit: 13 things mentally strong people won’t do

Here are the 13 traits that characterize what those who are mentally strong won't do.


5 ways to make sure that work isn’t your everything

There's nothing wrong with loving your job and going above and beyond to make sure that you do the best you can and meet your professional goals. But there's a difference between that and letting it completely take over every waking moment of your free time.

Office Life

This is why you’re sitting all wrong

Sitting hunched and twisted like a pretzel in a chair is killing us body and soul, hour by hour. This ergonomic research shows you how to fix how you sit.


Do you really need ‘meaning’ at work?

Millennials are not the first generation of employees looking for meaning at work. Nevertheless, employers have a long way to go to understand this necessary part of productivity.


These are America’s happiest states

Minnesota is the happiest overall based on the survey. When it comes to the state with the highest income growth, North Dakota is number one.


How to be optimistic: 4 best steps for better living

Are there benefits to being an optimist? To live a better life, research proves that optimism, hope, and striving are the way to go.