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the whole human

These are the 3 most important questions for your career

They offer important lessons about happiness and success.

levelling up

Please stop saying these ridiculous buzzwords at work

These phrases may make you feel clever — but they also annoy people.

Science of Work

Please stop bragging about how busy you are

Feeling busy can prevent you from moving your career forward.

Age at Work

Think twice before criticizing other generations at work

Every generation puts down the younger ones. It's time to cut that out.

future of work

TheSkimm founders: ‘You never stop learning’

'Success is something that is constantly evolving.'

levelling up

8 mistakes I made as a manager and how you can avoid them

When I first became a manager, I made every mistake in the book.

Pop Culture

What do reality TV contestants do about their jobs while they’re chasing fame?

How do reality TV contestants find a place in the working world?

Levelling Up

Why making to-do lists won’t help you get things done

Here's what you should do instead.

Levelling up

How I learned the importance of keeping in touch

Here are my three goals for following up with people.


Starbucks barista rebels against making Unicorn Frappuccinos all day

We've all been in the eye of the storm at work, though it usually doesn't involve "blue fairy powder."