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Pop Culture

5 ways to rock your career, according to Netflix’s ‘Girlboss’

"Know what your sh*t is worth.*


Job interviewers are nearly always wrong about you

Job interviews are as effective in evaluating candidates as flipping a coin.

Levelling Up

Know-it-alls are worse at evaluating the truth, research says

"If you are right but nobody wants to work with you, then how valuable are you really?"

Levelling Up

What Veep can teach us about the job search

Job searching and career transition are times when you can look deeper at what you want — even if you're Selina Meyer.

science of work

Why being bilingual helps keep your brain fit

Are people who speak only one language missing out?

Office Culture

The 7 commandments of leggings at work

How you dress at work contributes to your next promotion, so tread carefully with leggings. Here's how.

Age in the Workplace

How to be a powerful young person at work

Youth can be a big advantage.


4 ways JK Rowling’s advice can inspire you at work

The author of Harry Potter know a lot about motivation. Here's why you should never give up.


If you can’t code, you have no business managing engineers

If you manage engineers, you need to be able to code. If you can't, please remove the word “Technology” or “Technical” or even “Information” from your title.


Bad bosses usually think they’re awesome

The more highly paid a leader, the better the chances he thinks he's always right.