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These are the hardest-working cities in the U.S.

American employees have some of the longest work hours in the world, approximately 25% more than our counterparts in Europe, but behind workers in Mexico.


Many more Americans now believe sexual harassment at work is a serious problem

Sixty-four percent of Americans now consider sexual harassment of women at work "a serious problem" in the U.S., ticking up from 47% back in 2011.


Facebook wants to help you find your next job

Facebook is muscling into the online job-search marketplace. Now if only you could keep their bosses from seeing your embarrassing photos, too.


How to tell interviewers you’re not a jerk, despite working for a terrible company

From Uber to Miramax, controversial news can drag your reputation down. Here's how to prove to interviewers you're not a jerk, even if your company is.


Study: ‘Buddy system’ is a powerful way to change your habits

If you truly want to change, sometimes it's best not to go it alone. The buddy system works. Here's why, and how you can use it.


Majority of employees are unhappy at work, study finds

Nearly three-fourths of Americans are unhappy at work and actively hunting for a new job, and the vast majority don't think they get enough recognition.


Study: Men become interested in tech careers earlier than women

Men express their interest in tech careers sooner than women, and are more likely to remain in the field for the long haul, according to a new report.


Here’s how to win at flu season and avoid getting sick

Colds don't only make you feel crummy, they also hurt productivity. Here's how you can win a flu season and survive the cold weather without getting sick.


6 ways companies can help all employees thrive by shrinking the gender gap

Despite a steady drumbeat of calls to instill workplace equity between the sexes, women still lag far behind men at companies across the nation.

Science of Work

Here’s why introverts pass up leadership opportunities at work — and how they can start taking the lead

Does your introversion hold you back from going for it at work sometimes? As it turns out, science may know why introverts often fail to emerge as leaders.

Animals at Work

The newest cat on the New Zealand Police force will charm you

After the passing of police guinea pig Constable Elliot, a new furry friend has joined the New Zealand Police. Behold: Tia the police cat.

Words at Work

These are the 9 most annoying phrases people use at work, according to a new survey

Think outside the box and ditch these annoying, cliched work phrases. Until then, we'll table this conversation. Circle back and let us know how it goes.

Office Life

How the Equifax hack could hurt your job search

The millions affected by the hack on credit reporting agency Equifax may have to explain fraudulent credit history to potentially unsympathetic employers.

The Future of Work

Almost 1 in 5 Americans know someone whose job has been affected by automation

A new report from Pew Research Center shows that 18% of Americans reported knowing someone whose salary or hours have been cut, or who has lost a position, due to “workforce automation.


New neuroscience reveals 2 rituals that will make you more mindful

You might think you lack self-control. Or that you make bad decisions. But none of these explanations fixes the problem. Here's how to be more mindful.

Office Life

How Elon Musk runs an efficient meeting — and you can, too

A recent story shows that Elon Musk wants to make sure every meeting counts — even if that efficiency comes at the risk of alienating employees.


This is the best way to accidentally post on your employer’s social media account

On Monday, NPR editor Christopher Dean Hopkins accidentally used NPR's Facebook account to tell the media organization's audience about Ramona's adventures.


This is the fastest-growing $100K+ job in the country

"Solutions Architect" had the highest year-over-year U.S. median base pay growth among the highest paying positions. Here's what one does.


The Supreme Court case that could prevent 25 million workers from suing their employers

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments on three consolidated cases deciding your rights to sue your employer in court.


The majority of men think there are enough women leaders at work, study says

60% of men surveyed think that there are enough women in leadership positions at the companies where they work. Only 49% of women agree.


After 48, you’re less likely to get jobs in Silicon Valley, report finds

Once the clock strikes on a technology worker's youth, they turn into Silicon Valley's version of a pumpkin. Here's how to fix it.

Gender at Work

Global gender gap starts taking hold as early as 10 years old, study finds

Gender stereotypes are ingrained as early as 10 years old, and have damaging repercussions for both men and women's personal and professional lives.


Wealthy parents want their kids to get a job as early as middle school

Kids might not be working as much as they used to, but wealthy parents expect their children to try to get their first job as early as in middle school.


These are the 6 states where income is growing fastest

Incomes are on the rise across the country, as median household income jumped by 2% overall, a new government survey has found.


This PR job requires you to babysit the CEO’s kids

If you want to join The Berman Group's public relations team as an account coordinator, you'll need to be ready to babysit the CEO's kids. No, they're not kidding.


Facebook is facing two age discrimination lawsuits

Two new age discrimination lawsuits are arguing that Facebook is not the inclusive, great place to work it's supposed to be... if you're too old.


Employers having a tough time finding qualified candidates, survey says

Good news for good candidates. A recent Glassdoor survey found that a whopping 76% of recruiters say the struggle to find qualified candidates is their No. 1 complaint.


Today’s teenagers are taking longer to grow up, study finds

Many fewer teens today have ever earned money from a job. Are the kids all right?


Report: Fewer men than ever are breadwinners

Just 25% of men surveyed said it was important for women to be able to financially provide for their families to be a good spouse, the survey found.


12 cities where you don’t have to be a millionaire to live like one

Life in a big city doesn't have to break the bank.


City of Austin’s SXSW coordinator in trouble for refusing to meet with female coworkers alone

“I’ve been told it is not appropriate for a married man to have lunch with a single lady," the SXSW coordinator said, according to reports.

Office Life

Would you want real-time feedback about your work? There’s an app for that.

What if there was a technology that could tell you how everyone thought you did in the meeting, even if your performance was trash?


Suspect on the run from police stops into cellphone store to ask for job

A suspect fleeing police tried to duck officers by strolling into a cellphone store and asking about job openings, according to reports.


This woman was fired for having her period at work. Now she’s suing

A new workplace discrimination lawsuit is deciding whether or not women can be fired for menstruating on the job.


This is exactly how long your vacation needs to be for it to work

How long does it take for the stress of our workdays to melt away on vacation? A new study proposes an exact answer: eight days.


These are the 15 highest-paying jobs in the nation, LinkedIn found

When it comes to the U.S.'s highest-paying jobs, the medical profession held down eight of the top 15 spots — with salaries and bonuses reaching up to a half-million dollars annually, according to LinkedIn's 2017 State of Salary report.


STUDY: Nearly one-third of workers lie to their bosses

Seems low.


Billionaire CEOs make a pro-immigration pitch to save DACA

Silicon Valley's pro-immigration stance leads that of any other industry.

Pop Culture

The stars of ‘Million-Dollar Listing’ share their secrets to success (and tell you to love your haters)

Love your haters.


People risked their lives to get to work during Hurricane Harvey

Often, it was by economic necessity.


Our desperate coffee cravings impair our ability to learn, new study finds

When we want coffee, we can't think of anything else.


75% of American parents believe robots will take their kids’ jobs

The worst part is that robots don't even have to be particularly smart to replace you.


71% of millennials choose their jobs based on the office space

Desk placement, natural light, even artwork affect how good your work is.


Sentenced Volkwagen engineer shows ‘following the boss’s orders’ won’t save you from jail

'Just following orders' doesn't absolve you.

Levelling Up

4 effective ways to triple your salary in four years

So what can you do to help add to your bottom line?

Gender at Work

Survey: Women entrepreneurs believe they have achieved work-life balance

2037 is going to be an amazing year, women entrepreneurs predict.

Words at Work

1 in 5 Americans don’t want to look their boss in the eye when they quit

76% of millennials are checking email from bed. Come on, people.


STUDY: Men puff up their successes on LinkedIn, while women undersell themselves

Surprise, surprise.


Uber employees gossiped on this app for four hours a day

Every day was a new upheaval.

Job Interviews

How to find out why you didn’t get the job

The first nugget of advice for getting that coveted feedback? Don’t start at the end of the process.