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How to be optimistic: 4 best steps for better living

Are there benefits to being an optimist? To live a better life, research proves that optimism, hope, and striving are the way to go.


This man swims to work every day and loves it

"It's completely relaxed and refreshing."


New study says there’s one surefire way to make people like you

It all depends on how you direct the conversation.


Six huge reasons you’re not getting what you want

Change these 6 things and watch your life change.


The best inspirational notes celebrities wrote to themselves

Write yourself a check for $10 million.


America’s best-known billionaires drive Volkswagens and eat at McDonald’s

Rich men drive Volkswagens and eat McDonald's.


The Game of Thrones guide to success at work (with spoilers)

Just don't be Cersei, whatever you do.


This is how to succeed like Warren Buffett

The Oracle of Omaha has managed his success well.


9 of the best Elon Musk secrets for success

It takes a certain intensity.


This 20-year-old’s ‘Dying 101’ can teach you about living better every day

Wisdom from an inspiring young woman.


Savvy 9-year-old boy becomes chief financial officer for a day at KIND

This kid is going places.

Pop Culture

3 brilliant tips for emotional intelligence from the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

We can all be as strong as hell.

Pop Culture

5 ways Wonder Woman succeeded against the odds (and you can too)

Turn your weaknesses into strengths.

The Commute

Subway riders throw amazing party for a graduate stuck on rush-hour train

Who doesn't want to cry with happiness on their commute?


4 proven ways to make rejection less painful

Success is a numbers game, as this poet found out.


The 5 most inspiring thoughts from 2017’s graduation speakers

Advice that's good for everyone, not just new grads.

Gender at Work

Women keep women in engineering, study shows

The "Queen Bee" theory is false, especially in engineering.

Office Life

The 5 blessings of introverts at work

Everyone can learn how to be better at work from introverts.


We all have a little Elsa in us at work, says co-author of ‘Frozen’

Let it goooooo.


The best salary negotiation advice we’ve ever heard comes from this comedian

A 'crass, money-grubbing comedian' has valuable salary-negotiation advice.

Side Hustles

Dutch king reveals his high-flying secret second career

We all need a side hustle, even kings.


Old Navy employee works a shift in her prom dress so she doesn’t have to change

You can work, or you can WERK.


Pharrell Williams tells grads the secret of motivation: ‘Serve humanity’

Success is not about how many Instagram followers you have. It's about what you're achieving.


You can instantly become less stressed by using one mind trick

It's all about using our memories to heal ourselves.


Will Ferrell tells new grads how he overcame his fear of failure

"My fear of failure never approached in magnitude my fear of 'what if'. What if I never tried at all?"


Bill Gates tweets to new grads: ‘This is an amazing time to be alive’

In only 14 tweets, Gates offered career advice and inspiration to new graduates.

Pop Culture

5 ways to rock your career, according to Netflix’s ‘Girlboss’

"Know what your sh*t is worth.*


4 ways JK Rowling’s advice can inspire you at work

The author of Harry Potter know a lot about motivation. Here's why you should never give up.