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Levelling Up

Why making to-do lists won’t help you get things done

Here's what you should do instead.

The Whole Human

How to spot lies and uncover the truth at work

Thinking critically about facts is essential.

Levelling Up

How knowing my thinking style helps me advance my career

I understand my weaknesses and leverage my strengths.

levelling up

This is what the most successful people do before breakfast

Anything that requires self-discipline or focus is easier to do in the morning.

The Whole Human

10 mistakes smart people never make twice

Successful people have the tools in place to learn from their errors.


Bad bosses usually think they’re awesome

The more highly paid a leader, the better the chances he thinks he's always right.

levelling up

How to stop stressing and make every minute count

Fewer decisions lead to better decisions.

The Whole Human

How to get some respect and stop being a pushover at work

Whether you're a pleaser, a martyr or a workaholic, saying "no" is truly the path to sanity.


12 tips for your best resume ever

Here's how to create a resume that will stand out for every kind of job.

Levelling Up

Why you should embrace the role of luck in your career

Once we embrace the role of uncertainty in our lives, we can recognize luck for what it is and seize opportunities.