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How to say no without feeling guilty: 6 secrets from experts

Being “too nice” can cause legit problems. So how do you say no without feeling guilty? Experts and research have answers.


How to lower your bills: Tips from the FBI’s top hostage negotiator

How to lower your bills by using the same persuasive techniques as an FBI hostage negotiator.


10 lessons in career longevity from Billy Joel

Billy Joel can teach you a lot about what goes into sustaining a lifelong career. Here are several career lessons we can learn from the Piano Man.

Office Life

5 ways to get your office to eat healthier

You spend half your waking life at the office, so it can have a huge impact on your health. Here's how to eat healthier while you're there.


5 ways to get your office to be healthier

Some new employees expect to gain five pounds within their first few months at a new job. Here's how you can buck the trend and make a healthier office.


Be like Betty White: How a likeable demeanor can translate into a lifelong career

Here's what makes Betty White so beloved by people across all ages and life stages, and what can we learn from her incredible career.


7 secrets top athletes can teach you about being the best at anything

We’d all like to be better at what is most important to us. Top athletes and their coaches as well as the best sports research can reveal how to get there.


The stoic knows: 4 rituals that will make you well-liked

Do you want to have better relationships?


3 questions that will help you find the most successful side hustle

Is your idea feasible?


The absurdly simple thing that makes the happiest people in the world so happy

When something good happens, savor the moment.

levelling up

7 steps to get a raise without asking for one

Your boss’s expectations are the price of entry.

the whole human

10 ways to improve your sleep and increase your productivity

Eliminate interruptions.

levelling up

Here’s why being a ‘joiner’ makes you absurdly successful

The term “follower” is often used to designate the members of a community, as if it is an entirely passive role.


5 successful women share their best advice from their most awkward moments

Yes, you can recover.

levelling up

10 things the greatest leaders all have in common

Great leaders don't just focus on results.


The 5 paths to become the best at anything

Hard work pays off.

the whole human

Why your boss lacks emotional intelligence

The heartless, no-nonsense CEO has become something of an icon.

levelling up

3 ways to get your career back on track after a crisis

Don't rush to action.

the whole human

10 things you should do every day to improve your life, according to science

Challenge yourself.


10 ways smart people work less and get more done

They take time to reflect.

how to

6 ways to master the art of the first impression

Put away your phone.

office life

6 ways to handle unreasonable work requests

Sort out what work is doable and what is overwhelming you.

the whole human

3 ways to stay calm under pressure, according to a bomb disposal expert

Focus on what you can control.

job search

How not to get scammed as a job seeker

A con artist wants you to act quickly, not think things through.

levelling up

How to make the most of informational interviews

Make sure you bring value, too.


Here are 7 of the craziest interview questions

How you get to your answer is as important as what you say.

the whole human

These are the 6 types of ‘mean men’ you should avoid at work

Here's how to prevent becoming their target.

levelling up

How to spot a toxic workplace and what to do about it

Subjective work processes are a problem.

the whole human

10 signs you’re burning out and how to stop it

The harder you work, the easier it is to get in over your head.

the whole human

4 ways to stay afloat when you have more than one job

Different jobs = different skills.

the whole human

4 ways to navigate a long-term career break and come out on top

Use the time for reflection.

the whole human

4 rituals that will make you mentally strong

Ask: “What would Batman do?”

how to

3 tips to become well-spoken

Make others feel well-heard.


How to answer the 5 most important interview questions

Here are the perfect answers.

office life

Here’s why you shouldn’t use smiley face emojis in work emails

A smiley is not a smile.

how to

How to control what you see in your Facebook feed

You have more power than you think.

age at work

Why we should get rid of generational labels in the workplace

They are open for misinterpretation and ignore individual differences.

levelling up

The worst career advice, according to 6 life coaches

Here's what to do instead.

office life

Worried about taking time off? Here’s what to do.

Make sure your work is covered.

the whole human

4 things to do when you catch a liar

Your friends and coworkers lie to you regularly.


These interview questions make it harder for certain job candidates to succeed

These are problematic, at best.


6 tips for quitting your job on a high note

Successful entrepreneurs share their secrets.


4 habits that make work feel like play, according to a cryptographer

Don’t worry about external recognition.


Stop confusing job perks with company culture

Feedback is your friend.

the whole human

7 ways to make difficult conversations easy

Don’t make statements. Ask questions.


4 ways to succeed that don’t include networking

There’s more to success than who you know.

how to

How to approach a difficult conversation you’ve been avoiding

The longer you wait, the harder it will get.

the whole human

5 fascinating findings to help you manage lefties

They're likely good multitaskers.


3 leadership lessons from Howard Schultz, Satya Nadella, and Jeff Bezos

"People need to know you've got their back."

the whole human

This is the best way to overcome your fear of missing out

Try gratitude.