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A Wordy Resume Becomes a Two-Page Marketing Machine

by Lisa Vaas

Marcus Crayton is looking for a job as a marketing director though his functional experience is disparate.

A ‘Marathon’ Strategy Pays Off for Plant Manager

by Sharon Linsenbach

OpsLadder member Crista Stamper used her hobby as a runner to set the pace for her job search.

Data Storage Salesman Follows Two Tracks Across the Pacific

by Patty Orsini

To pursue opportunities in the United States and Japan, Mark Suzuki needed two sets of tools.

Do You Need a Recruiter or an Agent?

by Debra Feldman

There are too many names to keep track of: recruiter, agent, headhunter, executive recruiter, search consultant.

Meet My Heroes

by Marc Cenedella

A few months ago, Readers, I asked you to send in pictures of yourselves to remind Ladders.

Tough Interview Questions: Why Are You Making a Move in a Recession?

by Irene Marshall

Despite the recession, people are, in fact, changing jobs by choice.

Resume Guide for an Operations Manager

by Kevin Fogarty

To sell yourself in ops, your resume can’t just say what you did; it needs to say how you did it.

Operations Jobs Pick Up Steam

by Kevin Fogarty

Operations take a big hit in recessions; but those skilled in teaching other operations managers how to work more efficiently will find big opportunities.

Controller Perks Up for Second Job Offer

by Sharon Linsenbach

When Doreen Livorine’s commitment to move to warmer weather led her to take a job that wasn’t the right fit, she prepped herself for her second job search in a year.

Ex-Military Fire Chief Returns to War Zone

by Patty Orsini

How Air Force veteran-turned-fire-chief Sandy Sanders tailored his resume to land a hot new job.