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Monica Torres

Monica Torres

Monica Torres

Monica Torres is a reporter for Ladders based in New York City. She previously worked as a trending news editor for Facebook. She has written about tech, feminism, and sports for Fusion, Real Life magazine, Slate, and the Hairpin.


Articles by Monica Torres


How to tell interviewers you’re not a jerk, despite working for a terrible company

From Uber to Miramax, controversial news can drag your reputation down. Here's how to prove to interviewers you're not a jerk, even if your company is.

Office Life

This is the secret behind top teams’ best ideas

Debate — not lockstep agreement — is the secret recipe for a high-performing team, a new six-year study has found.


Here’s how to win at flu season and avoid getting sick

Colds don't only make you feel crummy, they also hurt productivity. Here's how you can win a flu season and survive the cold weather without getting sick.


This is Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer’s one big tip on how to handle clients

The best experience Shake Shack's Danny Meyer can give his customers is to make them feel important. Here's his best tip on managing clients.


This is why you can’t rely on whisper networks to stop the Harvey Weinsteins of your workplace

Employees facing backlash can resort to backchannel warnings about threatening coworkers.


These 3 steps can help women get the raises they deserve

New research shows that women can face backlash when asking for a raise. Here are tips on how to overcome the odds and get what you're after.

The Future of Work

Survey: Americans want to limit robots to ‘dangerous’ and ‘unhealthy’ jobs

Americans support having machines do the grunt work, giving humans the opportunity to pursue more creative, less monotonous tasks.


Here’s the crucial lesson Steve Jobs taught Apple’s Jony Ive about focus

According to the advice Steve Jobs gave Jony Ive, to organize your life, you'll need to prioritize what matters to you and clear away the clutter.

Office Life

One hour of exercise can prevent depression, study finds

There's good news for those of us who hate to go to the gym too often: You just need an hour of physical activity every week.

Office Life

How the Equifax hack could hurt your job search

The millions affected by the hack on credit reporting agency Equifax may have to explain fraudulent credit history to potentially unsympathetic employers.