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Kevin Fogarty

Kevin Fogarty

Kevin Fogarty Kevin Fogarty is a writer, editor, and columnist with 20+ years' experience covering the technology, science and healthcare stories that make a difference with traditional fact-checking, source-vetting, dig-for-the-real-story journalism adapted to new formats, platforms audiences and news cycles.

Articles by Kevin Fogarty

Your Job Application’s Journey

Knowing what recruiters and hiring managers do with your resume at every step of the application will let you set expectations about if and when you will receive a response.

How to Turn a Job Offer Into Raise

Nothing improves your bargaining position more than a better salary offer from a competitor, but the offer can win you a raise or blow up in your hand.

The Anatomy of a Background Check

Private investigators and former government agents share trade secrets about how they conduct employment background checks for hiring companies.

Tips for Industry Switchers

Committed to a change?

Is a Good Job Title Worth Giving Up Some Salary?

Title inflation and varying job descriptions may devalue that Top Dog title.

The One Skill You Need to Reach the C-Suite

There are only a limited number of corner offices; how can you demonstrate you’re the person to occupy one?

The Fine Line Between Job Hunting and Networking

Where do you draw the line between networking to share best practices and fishing for a better offer from a competitor?

7 Steps to Leverage a Counteroffer for a Larger Salary

Put yourself in the best position to leverage a counteroffer and win a salary negotiation — or retreat with dignity.

Finding a Job in a New City

If you can manage the logistics, searching nationally can land you in a better spot than you thought possible.

Salary Negotiation Tips: Do You Have to Reveal Your Income?

Discussing your salary history can be the most uncomfortable moment in a negotiation.