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5 ways to be a good manager of your former coworkers

Out of all your coworkers who applied for a promotion, you were chosen. So where does that leave your relationships with them now that you're their manager?


What not to do when writing email subject lines

Don't make these subject line mistakes the next time you're about to send someone an email message in the workplace.


Study: Men become interested in tech careers earlier than women

Men express their interest in tech careers sooner than women, and are more likely to remain in the field for the long haul, according to a new report.


5 things to do after getting a bad performance review

But before you lash out after a bad performance review, take a deep breath and remember you have options on how to respond.

Job Search

5 ways your cover letter can grab a recruiter’s attention

Keep it short, simple, and interesting.


6 ways companies can help all employees thrive by shrinking the gender gap

Despite a steady drumbeat of calls to instill workplace equity between the sexes, women still lag far behind men at companies across the nation.


5 words upper-level Fortune 500 employees use to stand out on LinkedIn

A study of 750 LinkedIn profiles of workers at Fortune 500 businesses, showing the top words included include "leader,"  "strategic," and "innovative."


6 reasons why spending time alone is good for your career

Here's why spending some time alone — during the work week or when a lazy Sunday rolls around — can boost you professionally.

Office Life

1 in 4 workers would need to be in the hospital to call in sick, research finds

With flu season upon us, it will be important to take the time off that you need if you get sick. Don't be a martyr. Keep your coworkers healthy.

Science of Work

Here’s why introverts pass up leadership opportunities at work — and how they can start taking the lead

Does your introversion hold you back from going for it at work sometimes? As it turns out, science may know why introverts often fail to emerge as leaders.