How can you make your weekends more awesome?

by Eric Barker

The things we frequently choose to reduce stress on weekends are often the least effective. Here's what works better.

Former Uber engineer Susan Fowler fears she’s being targeted for revealing discrimination

by Jane Burnett

In the wake of her blog post alleging sex discrimination, she says that someone has launched a smear campaign, looking for details on her personal life.

Are you hurting your team’s performance by ruling out these strong job candidates?

by Jane Burnett

A study of large Canadian employers found that job candidates with Asian-sounding names were 28% less likely to score an interview.

Raise your paw if you want ‘paw-ternity’ leave to play with your puppy

by Jane Burnett

Paid time off to play with your new puppy? One company is trying it.

Your company’s job descriptions are driving women away

by Hannah Fleishman

Many of us are unwittingly writing job descriptions that turn off a large percentage of our candidate pool — namely women.

Your work spouse should probably make your real spouse jealous

by Jane Burnett

A work spouse can become as close to you as a marriage spouse — and frequently the relationships outlast actual marriages.

Apple’s huge new office will pay tribute to Steve Jobs

by Jane Burnett

With its round, glass structures, the new headquarters is built according to the final plan created by the company's founder all the way back in 2011.

Emotional Uber CEO listens to former female engineer and tries to revamp the company culture

by Jane Burnett

The ride-hailing app listens to a former employee