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Three scientifically proven ways to make a habit stick

Today's Top Stories December 11, 2017


Five things that will make you much happier

Understanding the impact of gratitude and touch on the brain are among the ways to increase happiness.


5 daily habits to increase your creativity and decrease your stress levels

With these 5 daily rituals, you can turn yourself into a more productive, less stressed worker.

Science of Work

Study: These are the best days, times, months, and seasons to be productive

Here's when productivity spikes and slows down, according to new research.


How people living in cold countries survive the depths of long winters

So go outside or head indoors, and change your preconceived attitudes about winter. Weather should not hold you back from becoming your best self.


This is the surprising thing people say they’d do in a world where they never had to sleep

Sixty-five percent of Americans think it would "be desirable or very desirable to never have to sleep." Here's what they'd do instead.


Here’s how to use mindfulness to make better decisions

Psychologists took mindfulness and science-tized it and called it Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT for short. Here's how it can help you.

Job Search

4 things to keep in mind if the company you’re leaving tries to get you to stay

So you've decided to jump ship at work after getting a job offer, but your employer springs a counteroffer. Here's what to keep in mind before you respond.


7 career questions to ask yourself ahead of the new year

2018 is almost here. Now is the perfect time to assess how you're doing in your career, and whether or not you're where you want to be.


This is the one character trait that successful people share

Successful leaders say a lack of accountability is a red flag that will turn their "yes" into a "no" when they are recruiting clients and new team members.


10 ways ridiculously successful people think differently

You can study how ridiculously successful people think and incorporate their approach into your repertoire.

Report: These are the fastest-declining jobs in the U.S.