Safety and Mission Assurance Engineer III - (Metrology and Calibration)

5 - 7 years

Posted 240 days ago

This job is no longer available.

Job Description

Millennium Engineering and Integration Company has an opening for a Metrology and Calibration SMA Engineer III onsite at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, FL, to support to the Kennedy Space Center Safety and Mission Assurance Metrology and Calibration Office.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and manage general metrology policies and procedure and specific guidance for NASA and KSC with regard to Metrology and Calibration.  
  • Support the NASA Agency-wide function to ensure measurement assurance is implemented consistently. 
  • Provide SMA technical support to the Metrology and Calibration Program and the delegated Program Manager at KSC
  • Perform reviews of Government and industry metrology requirement standards and report results.
  • Support the development, implementation, revision, and enforcement of policies.
  • Lead and integrate Agency-funded, Metrology and Calibration Working Group (MCWG) projects as well as projects led by the Metrology and Calibration Program Manager.


  • Technical support shall include: developing, implementing, and enforcing policy; developing and maintaining supporting documentation, tools and resources, includingwebsites; performing assessments and providing guidance on technical issues; leading projects and collaboration efforts; and reviewing and reporting on Government and industry metrology standards.
  • Development of policy and procedural requirements, issuance of guidance documents, and deployment of tools and resources facilitating Center Metrology and Calibration Program implementation across NASA.
  • Provide expertise in calibration and measurement science.
  • Support technical assessments of NASA Center’s Metrology and Calibration Programs for compliance to NPD 8730.1.
  • Develop and issue guidance documents to support the Metrology and Calibration Program (e.g. policy letters, guidelines, handbooks, standards, SMA newsletters, process flow charts, SATERN training, and presentations).
  • Develop, deliver, and instruct measurement quality assurance, measurement uncertainty, and measurement decision risk courses.
  • Support the development and deployment of tools and resources facilitating Center Metrology and Calibration Program implementation and sharing of resources across the Agency (e.g. reallocation of measurement and test equipment, development of calibration procedures, development of training courses).
  • Support, update, and administer the Metrology and Calibration Website in Knowledge NOW and the calibration capabilities database.
  • Support Metrology and Calibration Program assessments, provide review and consultation of technical issues, participate in the Metrology and Calibration Working Group, and provide technical assistance to the Centers.
  • Support collaboration efforts across the Agency (e.g. coordinate telecom and face-to-face meetings, conferences, workshops, MCWG video conferences.)
  • Experience in metrology, quality, or instrumentation engineering is essential.
  • Mathematical proficiency at the calculus level is a must. 
  • The ability to perform measurement uncertainty analysis, either by past experience or a high comfort level in analytical calculus is required.
  • Technical writing which includes developing policy directives, procedural requirements, and guidance documents is a must.

Education and Work Experience    This position is considered a mid-level engineering position. Requires a Bachelor's degree in Engineering or Science and a minimum of 6 years’ experience in engineering, science, or related technical discipline. Requires experience in the field of work specified. May be required to provide guidance to less experienced engineers. A minimum of 4 years metrology and calibration-specific experience (within the 6 years) is required.    Clearance

  • Ability to enter on to Federal Base and obtain a Secret Clearance if required.