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Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis in Charlotte, NC



$250K - $500K*


Accounting, Corporate Finance


15+ years

Job Description

About the Role:

As Vice President of Financial Planning & Analysis ("FP&A") at Passport, you will be a key leader on our finance team, having responsibilities across the tactical and strategic financial areas of the business. You will lead and inspire the financial reporting, planning and analysis team in our incredibly fast-paced, exciting, and constantly changing environment. You will be responsible for the modeling and reporting for our complex and fast-growing business as we enter new markets and geographies through organic and strategic growth. You will develop comprehensive and reliable projections and operational budgets, and oversee the reporting and analysis of our monthly results, informing our stakeholders with accurate and reliable information for decision making. You and your team will be focused on quality, speed, and accuracy in modeling, and you'll juggle multiple initiatives while partnering with stakeholders across th

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Valid through: 2020-4-9

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