Vendor Management Professional

Idera   •  

Houston, TX

5 - 7 years

Posted 245 days ago

This job is no longer available.

As a Vendor Management Professional, you will report directly to IDERA’s Vice President of Engineering
Operations and have daily interaction with Product Managers, Product Architects, and member companies
within the IDERA Development Partner Network, both domestic and international. You will help ensure each Development Partner assigned to active product development work is performing successfully and staying on track for an on-time, complete, GA-ready delivery of their assigned product release. You will own discrete portions of the operational activities driving Partner Network success across IDERA’s portfolio of software companies as well as vendor management of third party software and service providers, ensuring operationally efficient and fiscally responsible use and renewals of software licenses: commercial, free, and open source.

The Vendor Management Professional will have excellent communication skills, capable of effective verbal
and written communication, quickly able to build consensus with project- and executive-level roles. You will
have the opportunity and responsibility to communicate and negotiate with external companies as well as
collaborate and communicate with senior leadership at IDERA. While a formal legal background is not
required, the ability to read, interpret, and understand the business and delivery aspects of legal contracts
(e.g. Assignment Orders, Statements of Work, software license agreements) is key to your success, as is
understanding when a contract has terms or conditions needing an IDERA lawyer’s review.
A successful Vendor Management Professional is self-driven, quick to learn, and able to work independently to achieve business objectives quickly, supporting a well-run and high-quality Partner Network that consistently delivers on time, GA-ready IDERA product releases. In this role, responsibilities will include the following:


  • Write Assignment Orders for Partner Network product development work, following a well-defined contracttemplate
  • Manage Assignment Order renewals for recurring vendor roles
  • Write and manage Change Orders, ensuring each approved change is supported by IDERA business needs, while proactively identifying changes that can instead be handled in a subsequent release cycle and therefore be deferred to avoid delay in product release.
  • Monitor and report on vendor performance, defining appropriate metrics represented in a vendor score card to communicate performance and drive continual improvement
  • Own the project bidding process, sending finalized product requirements to a purposefully selected subset of Development Partners, defining the due date for bids and the requried completion date of the project, later assessing resulting bids to recommend the best partner for a given project
  • Own the project award process, sending a proper Assignment Order to the chosen partner and communicating the close of the process to other bidding partners.
  • Reportbudget consumption information for each project award and its expected delivery date, understanding the effect of each project on the overall budget.
  • Monitor and report on Engineering’s handling of customer issues escalated by Support; work with Engineering directors, managers, and architects to achieve continual improvement in addressing escalated issues and report on associated metrics as mutually agreed between Engineering and Support.
  • Proactively find areas for increased operational efficiency and cost reduction, proposing cost/benefit plans to functional heads for review and agreement on improvements to undertake 
  • Manage and own the recurring assessment of, and subsequent termination or renewal of, all third party software license agreements used within the Engineering and Partner Network process, ensuring each is budgeted and financially responsible
  • Work with Product Management to ensure Engineering processes are serving on-time high-quality deliverables that best serve Sales and IDERA customers
  • Schedule and lead introductory meetings with prospective Development Partner companies to make clear the IDERA model, requirements for joining IDERA network, and expectations of a successful Development Partner
  • Manage vendors/partners to foster on-time, high-quality, GA-ready project delivery.
  • Gather salient and succinct information from Engineering groups and teams, reporting status to be included in weekly executive status reports; take corrective action with Partners to ensure on-time delivery for each project
  • Escalate to vendor/partner executive leadership, on behalf of Product Managers and/or Product Architects, issues that risk causing project delays, achieving consensus on corrective action to achieve original due dates
  • Confirm across internal teams that defined deliverables are complete, then recommend vendor invoices for approval and payment
  • Provide relevant data to staff who track historic product releases, dates, and costs
  • Participate periodically in Merger and Acquisition due diligence activities, reviewing specific business elements at the direction of senior leadership
  • Review third party contracts, assessing suitability, deliverables, costs, termination language, and other key legal or operational dynamics, making recommendations on how best to serve IDERA
  • After initial guidance, own master agreement negotiation calls with prospective Development Partner companies, successfully explaining the logic of specific terms and conditions being non-negotiable, generally achieving the result of a signed agreement


  • Bachelors degree or higher in engineering, computer science, law, business or relevant field
  • 5+ years experience in software company operations or related field
  • Track record of independent, self-driven work achieving successful results
  • Excellent written and spoken English communication skills
  • Experience communicating with multiple audience types, including senior leadership, executives and various cultures and geographies
  • Experience reading and understanding business/software contracts
  • Experience writing simple project delivery contracts (SOWs, AOs) governed by a pre-defined master agreement
  • A functional understanding of managing costs to a budget
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively
  • Ability to articulate the business value, costs, and benefits of an idea and build consensus and plans
  • Ability to prioritize and manage work to critical project timelines in a fast-paced environment
  • • Desire to be challenged and achieve results in a successful technical and business environment