Tug Chief Mate

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Tampa, FL

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This job is no longer available.

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Our vision is to be the most respected energy transportation company in the Jones Act trade. Central to our vision is providing incident-free transportation services while protecting our crews, vessels, and the environment. We achieve this by staying focused on providing safe, efficient, and reliable transportation to customers; ensuring the highest standards of safety and environmental compliance throughout our organization, with a goal of zero incidents and zero spills or releases to the environment; maximizing long term value for shareholders and stakeholders; and creating a safe and rewarding work environment for our employees.

The Chief Mate reports directly to the Master and carries out all the Master’s lawful orders. As second in command, the Chief Mate is in charge of the vessel in the Master’s absence and all crew members are subject to his/her orders concerning vessel operation and maintenance of the vessel. The Master is always available for consultation to help the Mate discharge his/her duties.

In all matters which affect or may affect safety of the vessel and/or the environment, the
Chief Mate shall be responsible for:

· Comply with the Company’s MS requirements related to the position;

· Act as head of deck department;

· Act as vessel Safety Officer;

· Assumption of command should the Master become incapacitated.

· Identify potential vessel hazards associated with deck operations and advise the Master accordingly. The Chief Mate shall cooperate with the Master in maintaining an environment that is safe and without risk to health in accordance with the objectives of the Company’s Health Safety, Quality and Environmental policies;

· Notify the Master immediately of any defects that may affect the safety of the vessel and/or crew or put the environment at risk;

· Stand a wheelhouse watch, when directed by the Master;

· The discipline and well-being of the crew, as delegated by the Master;

· Familiarization and training of new Deck personnel and

· Act as PIC for Oil Transfer Operations including the proper loading, storage and
discharge of cargoes and paperwork.

· Planning and execution of all cargo operations, including loading, stowage, discharge, COW and loading ballast, under the direction of the Master;

· The safe carriage and maintenance of all cargo onboard, taking full account of cargo characteristics;

· The process of inerting of cargo tanks and maintaining the barge in a proper inerted condition and, in cooperation with the Chief Engineer, the maintenance and
testing of the I.G. System and appropriate record keeping;

· Supervise a Cargo Watch, performing cargo operations and PIC duties as required;

· Be accountable for the barge, its maintenance, operation and crew;

· Maintain barge documentation;

· Compliance at all times with stability requirements and hull strength limitations;

· The proper keeping of all appropriate cargo and stability records and

· The strict controlled storage/handling of IGS Main line branch valves padlock keys;

· Assist the Chief Engineer in prioritizing maintenance and repairs to the barge equipment as well as assisting with statutory and Class surveys carried out on the barge;

· Supervision of shore repairs in the absence of a Superintendent in conjunction with the Chief Engineer, as applicable;

· Supervision of all onboard hull and deck maintenance including the life-saving, fire-fighting and anti-pollution equipment, in conjunction with the Chief Engineer;

· Preparation of requisitions for the Deck Department stores and spare parts and submittal to the Master for approval. The Chief Mate must maintain an inventory of materials on hand and on order;

· The assessment of all work-related risks and the issuance of relevant permits to