Test Engineer in Pasadena, CA

$80K - $100K(Ladders Estimates)

Industry: Aerospace & Defense


Not Specified years

Posted 56 days ago

The Europa Clipper (EC) Command and Data Handling (C&DH) team is currently lookinG For Test Engineers to support the testing and integration of Europa Computer Element (ECE) circuit card assemblies (CCA's) at JPL. ECE is an assembly with several mostly digital CCA's. The non-digital circuits in the ECE are either part of the telemetry collection function or local power regulation. The tasks include developing test procedures and test scripts, executing test procedures, and troubleshooting anomalies found during testing.

1) Develop test procedure for each CCA tested: the subcontractor is expected to understand the functions in each CCA assigned and develop tests to verify the functionalities in each CCA. The subcontractor will be provided with design specification, design drawings, Verification and Validation (V&V) matrix, test equipment user's manual and other necessary documents to gain understanding of the CCA design and test environment. The subcontractor will identify the verification Items (VI) from the V&V matrix and will design tests and develop test procedures to verify each VI in the V&V matrix using the test equipment provided.

2) Develop test scripts for each CCA tested: After the test procedures are developed, the subcontractor will develop test scripts to support the execution of the test procedures. The test scripts will be developed in Linux based computing environment. The test scripts will mostly be developed in Python. In some cases, the scripts might have to be developed in Tool Command Language (TCL). In very rare cases, C code might have to be used instead of scripts.

3) Test and when necessary, troubleshoot prototype, engineering model (EM) and flight model (FM) CCA's: After test procedures and scripts are developed, the subcontractor will execute the test procedures using test equipment provided and test scripts developed by the subcontractor. The subcontractor is expected to troubleshoot anomalies found during test procedure execution with minimum support from the designers.

4) Prepare and present peer reviews: When required, the subcontractor is expected to produce test and status reports and review presentation slides related to the testing or anomaly investigation performed by the subcontractor.

Required Skills/Experience:

• Have extensive experience with testing and integrating digital and analog CCA's and boxes.

• Have prior flight electronic test and integration experience

• Have extensive experience with interpreting schematic diagrams and troubleshooting analog and digital circuits.

• Have working knowledge with C code, Python and TCL.

• Have prior experience with working in class ISO 8 or better cleanroom.

• Have good interpersonal and communication skills and ability to work independently

• Have a laptop computer to access necessary document repositories

Desired Skills/Experience:

• Can understand Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) designs implemented in Verilog sufficiently enough for troubleshooting problems found in testing

• Familiarity with Mentor DxDesigner/Expedition tool suite

• Familiarity with Mentor Hyperlynx tool suite

• Familiarity with LabView programming environment

Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering

Valid Through: 2019-10-14