Targeting Programs, Plans, Doctrine and Systems Support

MacAulayBrown   •  

Hampton, VA

Industry: Aerospace & Defense


5 - 7 years

Posted 169 days ago

This job is no longer available.

Targeting Programs, Plans, Doctrine and Systems Support


MacAulay-Brown, Inc. (MacB) is seeking experienced candidates for ACC/A2 as a Targeting Programs, Plans, Doctrine and Systems Support Representative with Concentration in Non-Kinetic Operations to provide operational and technical support to the ACC mission in operating, equipping and maintaining and modernizing Targeting-related weapon systems throughout ACC and the Combat Air Forces. 

The primary function of this task is to support and contribute to the government’s responsibilities of program management and monitoring of targeting mission organizations, systems, policy and planning functions, basing and modernization efforts of ACC as the overall force provider for U.S. Air Forces. 

Qualified experienced analysts will provide ACC technical support, assistance and advice on Targeting Policy and Doctrine matters at the Service, Joint and Intelligence Community levels in support of force development, training, standardization/evaluation and operations for AF targeting units and functions.  The selected candidate will assist, support and contribute to improving organizational structure and program management functions that are the responsibilities of a MAJCOM staff. 

Candidates will have experience and knowledge of non-kinetic and cyber targeting functions at either the Major Command or Joint arena. Additional task that we expect candidates to be able to perform are to Identify, evaluate, and integrate applicable DoD, Service and Intelligence Community doctrine and polices concerning Targeting and Target development, training, standardization/evaluation, and operations as promulgated by multiple levels of command.

Candidates need to be able to Write, review, edit, and staff intelligence policy and guidance documents related to ACC-assigned weapons systems and functional areas as well as Review, assess and provide critical analysis of Joint, Service and Intelligence Community doctrine focusing upon AF and CAF Targeting interests. We are looking for experts that will Participate in, monitor, plan, administer meetings, working groups and other forums to assist ACC/A2 in advocating, planning and implementing MAJCOM, CAF, AF and Joint Targeting policy, doctrine and TTPs.

Candidate must also have experience reflecting participation in Joint C4ISR experimentation, operational exercises and system development and integration activities; conduct Targeting activities using one or more current Intelligence Community and DoD component standard ISR tools and applications;

acts as a Analyst to assist units and C-NAFs performing in exercises and experiments across the TACS and AFTE; ensures training to proper standards, identifies training gaps to proper organizations. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate the ability to assist ACC, CAF/ other MAJCOMS, COCOMS, and Intelligence Community (IC) in developing, monitoring, tracking and managing production and revision of Targeting policy and doctrine and other guidance-related materials in support of ACC-owned weapons systems, C-NAFs, AOCs and units as well as Identify, evaluate, and assist ACC in integrating emerging Targeting technologies and non-materiel solutions.

Supporting this position includes the ability to monitor compliance with prescribed regulations and instructions regarding analysis of alternatives; materiel and non-materiel solution modeling and simulation; and cost analyses.  Skills necessary to develop and present to ACC staff various integration strategies in conjunction with Targeting components and Acquisition agents to mitigate risks posed to operational Targeting components and assigned missions. 


  • Master’s degree in area of expertise (e.g. Intelligence Analysis, International Studies, Computer Science, Engineering, Industrial Security, Security Studies) OR eight (8) years’ experience in an Intelligence/Targeting-related discipline.
  • Four (4) years AF targeting experience.
  • Six (6) years demonstrated experience as project leads or program managers.  wo (2) years of staff officer experience at NAF-equivalent or above.
  • Three (3) years’ experience working in an Air, Space or Cyber Operations Center.