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Amarillo, TX

Industry: Professional, Scientific & Technical Services


Less than 5 years

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Job Summary Applies Integrated technical judgment-which requires using the scientific method to recognize and formulate problems, to collect data through observation and experimentation, and to formulate and test hypotheses• to anticipate, innovate, and deliver solutions to Sandia National Laboratories missions. Roots the work in the fundamentals of science and engineering while applying a deep understanding of engineering and scientific principles. Creates and applies scientific theories and laws and engineering methods used within scientific and engineering disciplines to develop or demonstrate new designs, concepts, materials, machines, products, processes, or systems. Uses physical and computational simulation, analysis, and evaluation as Inherent activities of development. Plans, conducts, and executes Sandia's science and engineering programs within the spectrum of fundamental research, development, or demonstration. Works with the project manager and the customer to negotiate and define system requirements that enable mission function and performance; develop system conceptual designs to meet those requirements; and define the necessary subsystems, components, and Interfaces to realize the system. Using a deep understanding of system operation and performance, performs functional decomposition of system requirements into subsystem-level performance requirements that are achievable within the cost and schedule constraints of a project. Provides system-level design architecture analysis that combines a number of

component parts or subsystems into a complete functional system. Defines component and system-level performance requirements and develops acceptance criteria for the subsystems and system. Evaluates competing characteristics between system elements to determine the most effective Integrated system solution.

Job Specifications The 9420 Surety Systems Engineer (SSE) develops, implements, and maintains strategies to lead the R&D project team in successful product qualification and delivery. SSEs interface across multiple enterprises, integrating all team members in relevant multidisciplinary technology areas. They exercise critical thinking to identify, assess, and mitigate risks through the practical application of defect prevention to develop a safe, reliable, and robust product. SSEs provide critical R&O support throughout the entire product realization lifecycle; this support includes requirements engineering and traceability, validation and verification (V&V), supply chain risk management, adversarial threat assessment, and crucial technical documentation.

Projects span across all phases of the product realization lifecycle from conceptual design and development to production and maintenance/retirement. Opportunities exist in Amarillo, TX. Some domestic travel is required to support business needs.

Knowledge, Skills, Ability Advanced technical degree or significant equivalent experience. Multidisciplinary technical knowledge and competencies appropriate to the position. Ability to perform the integrated technical analyses that underpin the development of a realizable system concept. Ability to synthesize operational concepts for experimental or exploratory systems to innovate and deliver solutions to customers in mission areas not fully defined or understood. Thorough knowledge of and applied experience

with scientific and engineering methods and with the discipline's standards for the ethical conduct of research. Thorough knowledge of and experience with scoping, designing, planning, and executing research, design, and development projects. Demonstrated knowledge of and experience with Implementing Sandia policies affecting research, design, and development activities, projects, or initiatives. Demonstrated ability to engage customers and stakeholders In the synthesis of significant systems experiments and to team across disciplines.

Minimum Qualifications (Required)Bachelor's and Advanced (Master's or PhD) degree in relevant science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) discipline plus two years of relevant experience; or a Bachelor's in STEM and seven or more years of relevant experience may be considered In place of a Master's.

• Product Development or Manufacturing work experience

• Ability to obtain and maintain a DOE-Q security clearance

Preferred Qualifications (Desired)

Experience with:

  • ImplementingR&Dsuretyengineering principles,tools,methodologies,and best practices.

  • Conducting supply chain risk management activities, evaluating and mitigating adversarial threats

  • Designing and qualifying test hardware, software, and test equipment

  • Evaluating and qualifying suppliers, improving product performance, developing performance metrics, implementing process controls and quality plans.

  • Identifying and reducing risk in a high-consequence environment.

  • Applying risk-based approaches to evaluate rigor level of product qualification activities.

  • Implementing production process Improvements and reducing production deficiencies while maintaining and improving performance standards.

  • Developing manufacturing processes factoring product requirements; researching, designing, modifying, and testingmanufacturingmethodsandequipment.

  • Defining and reviewing specifications for gauges, fixtures, tools, and testers needed for inspection and product acceptance.

  • Authoringqualificationplans,requirementsmaps, test plans,andmeasurementassurance plans.

  • Managing engineering projects (leadership experience). Additional desiredqualifications include:

  • Design assurance acumen, including requirements engineering and configuration management.

  • Technical analysis acumen, including SPC, FMEA, RCA, HALT/HASS, Mistake Proofing, Design of

  • Experiments,and FaganInspections.

• Ability to solve complex problems in the absence of clear direction (experience in ambiguous environments).

• Ability to facilitate high-quality standards while establishing and maintaining effective and productive relationships with internal and external customers at all experience and authority levels.

• Familiarity with Nuclear and Nuclear Explosive authorization requirements from 10CFR830, DOE

orders 425.10 and 452.lE.

• In-depth understanding of Defense Programs Business Process System (DPBPS) requirements and specifically the Design Agency and Production Agency roles as necessary to realize product at Pantex.

Number 447BR