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Philadelphia, PA

Industry: Healthcare


Less than 5 years

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This job is no longer available.

Job Summary

The Pharmacy Supervisor is responsible for the direct supervision of pharmacist and technician staff in their assigned areas, performance improvement activities related to their assigned areas, supporting compliance with regulatory requirements, precepting pharmacy residents in the area of management, and special projects for the department.

Job Responsibilities

Supervises and coordinate the activities of the Pharmacy Staff to provide optimal pharmaceutical support to The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia patients in a safe, cost effective, appropriate and efficacious fashion.

  • Prepares staffing schedule based on projected workload, budgeted FTE and overtime, two (2) months in advance.
  • Coordinates and modifies staffing configuration based on sick calls, workload, and available staff. 
  • Coordinates production schedules bas on projected staffing patterns, workload, and utilization that minimizes stocks outs (<1%) and expiration date wastage.  
  • Coordinates functions such as purchasing, receiving, billing, floor stock inspection, expiration date inspection on projected staffing pattern, and workload.


Develops, updates policies and procedures, and monitors practice for the appropriate and efficient preparation and utilization of pharmaceutical products within Children’s Hospital annually.

  • Reviews policy and procedure of key departmental processes to ensure that the policy and procedures reflects changes in operational procedures and/or current standard of practice.  Policy and Procedures include but not limited to:
    • Handling of Controlled Substances
    • Unit Dose Medication System
    • Compounding and Packaging
    • Large Volume Parenteral
    • Medication Infusions
    • CAVH and Replacement Solutions
    • Antineoplastic Order Process
    • Hazardous Drug Handling
    • Parenteral Nutrition Program
    • Large Volume Parenteral Solution Macro/Micro Compounder

Job Responsibilities (Continued)

Monitors and evaluates work performance of the staff.

  • Monitors the compliance to established Hospital and Departmental Policy and Procedures.
  • Monitors that medications are prepared accurately in appropriate containers, labeled in an appropriate manner and stored at the recommended temperature, in a manner that minimized cost due to wastage.
  • Monitors proper use and maintenance of equipment utilized in the department.
  • Monitors efficient stocking of drugs and supplies.
  • Monitors the environment to physical appearance, functions, safety and staff behavior performance. 
  • Completes employee appraisal process within 1 month of due date.
  • Provides and document formal feedback to personnel when necessary.
  • Recommends and initiates personnel action.
  • Monitors orientation, training and teaching of all new pharmacist, clinical pharmacist, technician and students. In concert with Pharmacy Educator:
    • Ensures and confirms that 100% of items listed in the staff orientation are reviewed and discussed in-depth to new employees.
    • Reviews orientation schedule with new employees to ensure material is provided and understood.
    • Conducts weekly meetings with staff member during orientation period.  Assess progress of employee. Performs needs assessment and modifies training program if necessary.
    • Ensures test, competency assessments and documents are completed by the new employee in a timely manner.
    • Ensures test, competency assessments and documents are reviewed, scored and analyzed in a timely manner.
    • Assesses and evaluates the employee at the end of each training phase.  Documents assessment and approval for employee to continue next training phase.
    • Submits evaluation form within one (1) week of due date after completing orientation in each area.
    • Ensures maintenance and accuracy of documentation to personnel actions and records.
    • Initiates required documentation of personnel actions and/or activities.
    • Monitors clerk to ensure accuracy of documentation on personnel activities such as hours paid, vacation hours, sick hours, and lateness.

Job Responsibilities (Continued)

Participates in hospital and departmental Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) activities.        

  • Analyzes and evaluates continuously, the quality of service, and develops plans necessary to correct any deficiencies identified.
  • Utilizes the Lean Principals of to analyze, and resolve problems in a systematic manner.
  • All improvements must be made in accordance with the scientific method.
  • Participates in departmental LEAN Projects (RPI / 5S).
  • Works OT to allow co-workers to participate in department RPI.
  • Provides pre- and post- project feedback and support sustain measures to ensure successful outcomes.
  • Achieves patient safety and satisfaction through the use of lean principles (5S, Elimination of Waste, JIT, Stand Work, Quality).
    • Promotes and complies with Standardized Procedures.
    • Promotes and complies with Standard Work.
    • Identifies “waste” in ownership process and recommends solutions for implementation.
    • Corrects abnormal conditions.
  • Acts as a liaison with nursing and medical staff concerning prescriptions, orders, drug and pharmaceutical detail, patient reactions, errors and complaints.
    • Attends monthly unit base QI meetings enhance the appropriate effective utilization of the department for all hospital patients requiring such supports
    • Investigates and analyzes incident reports.


Performs other related duties as assigned by authorized personnel to provide departmental flexibility to patient care needs including those for emergency situations.

  • Acts as a Staff Pharmacist when necessary.
  • Provides drug information and functions as an information resource.

Required Licenses, Certifications, Registrations

Licensed Pharmacist (PA)

Required Education and Experience

Required Education: Bachelor of Science in pharmacy or Doctor of Pharmacy degree from an accredited college of pharmacy.


Required Experience: 2-3 years Staff Pharmacist experience.