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Less than 5 years experience  •  Education.

Salary depends on experience
Posted on 11/20/17
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Less than 5 years experience
Salary depends on experience
Posted on 11/20/17

Job Description


The principal mission of Western Governors University is to improve quality and expand access to postsecondary educational opportunities by providing a means for individuals to learn independent of time and place and to earn competency-based degrees and other credentials that are credible to both academic institutions and employers.



In supporting the university mission, the mission of the Evaluation Department is to deliver student-centric assessment solutions and services that:

  • Enhance the credibility of the WGU degree through secure, valid and reliable determination of competency.
  • Expand accessibility to higher education through innovation and fierce stewardship of students’ tuition.
  • Support and accelerate each student’s journey to competency.


Simply stated, the Evaluation Department commits to be accurate, fair, helpful and quick, while making WGU a great place to work for our colleagues and ourselves.


Essential Functions and Responsibilities 

  • Coordinate efforts to complete all scoring in assigned area(s) accurately and consistent with our service level agreement.
  • Guide and monitor evaluator feedback to ensure that all scoring events include helpful feedback for students.
  • Implement, monitor, and document regular training and activities as outlined by the Evaluation Department.
  • Collaborate with the EvaluationStaffing Team to implement vetting process for hiring new positions.
  • Formally review evaluator performance against established metrics for accuracy, consistency, proficiency, and inter-rater reliability.
  • Formally train, onboard, and supervise all direct reports.
  • Monitor hours worked by evaluators. Ensure that team members are working the optimum hours allowed in support of both student success and work/family balance.
  • Approve overtime for evaluators when the submission level in Taskstream is elevated.
  • Assist with scoring efforts when needed.
  • Identify and implement best practices.
  • Ensure fair and accurate scoring through inter-rater agreement exercises, team calibration, and close collaboration with the evaluation leadership team.
  • Participate in college specific and department projects designed to improve student success.
  • Abide by policies and procedures to maintain compliance with FERPA regulations.
  • Abide by policies established by the WGU Human Resources department.
  • Notify direct manager of planned absences ahead of time. Two-week notice is expected for extended time away (longer than 48 hours) so that adequate coverage can be arranged.
  • Satisfactorily perform other duties as assigned.



The Evaluation Supervisor is a member of WGU’s faculty. The Evaluation Supervisor is a first level of management and has a solid understanding of the team’s subject-matter expertise. 

Evaluation Supervisors manage the evaluation team in a manner consistent with WGU and Evaluation Department policies and procedures.  The Evaluation Supervisor ensures team members craft personalized, robust feedback to support accurate scoring of student responses and in furtherance of student progress.  Occasionally, the Evaluation Supervisor evaluates to meet service level agreements, observe student responses and assess evaluations of team members.  Uses insights to provide guidance to other evaluationfaculty members, program development, course mentoring, and university leadership.  Responds promptly to all concerns (4 hours goal, 24 hours max during work sessions.)

Evaluation Supervisors define and develop specific work plans and schedules to provide accurate and fair evaluations, with helpful (robust & personalized) feedback within our service level agreements to students. Evaluation Supervisors establish coverage within and between teams to meet the department’s commitment to students for a quick evaluation within 72 hours and averaging 40 hours.  The Evaluation Supervisors analyzes workflow, optimizes team resources, and manages evaluation performance to meet department goals.

An Evaluation Supervisor develops functional and organizational content, practices and objectives to achieve goals in creative and effective ways. May determine calibration standards for courses; develop supporting training and tools (such as course resource documents, team and evaluator training, I-RA activities).  Applies analytical tools and data analysis to drive improvements in evaluation team performance.  Appropriately protects sensitive information on evaluator performance.  Works with other functions within the Evaluation Department and/or with other departments. Performs additional duties as assigned.

Evaluation Supervisors act as a coach/mentor/lead their team and the Evaluationfaculty service line.  Evaluation Supervisors provide critical on-boarding training, and ensure all team members comply with the Evaluation Department procedures.  Evaluation Supervisors may be the primary point of contact for colleagues in other organizations especially course mentoring and program development for the courses they support. 



The Evaluation Supervisor’s work requires a consistent application of people management practices and procedures.  The Evaluation Supervisor is empowered to resolve personnel issues of limited complexity.  Consultation with management is required for more difficult or challenging personnel situations. 

The Evaluation Supervisor uses their judgement to apply university, department and team policies and procedures in scoring work and crafting helpful, robust and personalized feedback to support students in developing competency and progressing with their degree program. Exercises considerable judgment in serving student success.

The Evaluation Supervisor directs efforts to create and implement methods to improve student success and evaluation processes.



The Evaluation Supervisor’s work is critical to each student’s experience and success at WGU.  The Evaluator directly supervises a content-specific team, to meet individual, team and department objectives to be accurate, fair, helpful and quick in an environment that is a great place to work.  The Evaluation Supervisor ensures all faculty work effectively and report worktime accurately, in order to be good stewards of the student’s tuition dollars.

The Evaluation Supervisor may be called on to deal directly with student concerns about evaluation quality and accuracy, resolve differences in judgement between evaluationfaculty and other university departments, and take action on ideas to improve student success.  The Evaluation Supervisor is accountable for team performance toward the service level agreement to students. Individual and team coaching, and all aspects of personnel management. 



With general direction from a manager, Evaluation Supervisors are self-managed, taking initiative and acting independently in supervising a team of evaluationfaculty who provide performance assessment evaluations consistent with standard practices and policies and our commitment to students (i.e., accurate, fair, helpful & quick). 

Acts independently and leads efforts to help evaluationfaculty make a fair determination of competency. Adheres to university practices for supervision and applies appropriate judgement to ongoing performance management of Evaluation Faculty.  Evaluation Supervisors must be well connected and coordinated within their team, the evaluation management, program development and any applicable cross-functional groups.


Required Skills

Required Skills

  • Subject matter expertise and appropriate advanced degree(s) relevant to evaluation content area
  • Work experience relevant to evaluation content area, strongly preferred
  • Expert level understanding of WGU evaluation processes
  • Exceptional insight, understanding, acceptance and adherence to the tenets of competency-based education and the split faculty model
  • Advanced strength in written and oral communication
  • Demonstrated ability to discern evidence of competency within student submissions, including unexpected forms of response
  • Demonstrated ability to use technology, adapt quickly to new processes and manage complex cognitive loads
  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate with colleagues to ensure validity and reliability of evaluation across multiple raters, including deferring to the guidance of the team, course lead or manager.
  • Demonstrated ability to gain consensus with team members, program development, course leads and course mentors to define competency levels in assessments relevant to areas of expertise
  • Demonstrated ability to properly identify and refer student submissions for escalated care including but not limited to professional communication (i.e., articulation), originality, excellence awards, support in opening student submissions, content assistance, and technology support.
  • Fluent with performance-based measurement practices and procedures.

Competencies Required

  • Leads Change – Is an agent for change, influences others to accept change. Effectively demonstrates own ability to change, shifts gears comfortably, decides and acts without having the complete picture, comfortably handles risk and uncertainty.
  • Thinks Strategically – Communicates to improve and promote teamwork, decision making, and problem solving, Listens and responds effectively to the reactions and positions of others and encourages the expression of diverse ideas and opinions. Adjusts message and style to fit the audience. Provides timely and helpful feedback. Communicates appropriately to win support with all.
  • Executes and Achieves Results – Works cooperatively with others across the organization to achieve shared objectives. Represents own interests while being fair to others and their areas. Partners with others to get work done. Credits others for their contributions and accomplishments. Gains buy-in, trust and support of others.
  • Managerial Courage – Deals comfortably with the uncertainty of change. Effectively handles risk. Can decide and act without the total picture. Is calm and productive, even when things are up in the air. Deal constructively with problems that do not have clear solutions or outcomes.
  • Thinks Big/Innovation – Is confident under pressure. Handles and manages crises effectively. Maintains a positive attitude despite adversity. Bounces back from obstacles and setbacks. Grows from hardships and negative experiences.
  • Develops Teams and Individuals – Has a strong outcomes-based orientation. Persists in accomplishing objectives despite obstacles and setbacks. Has a track record of successfully exceeding goals. Pushes self and helps others achieve results to positively impact WGU and our students. Has a continuous improvement mindset.
  • Fiscal Responsibility – Clear ownership and delivery of revenue and cost budgets.

Required Experience

Required Education, Experience, and Qualifications

  • Master’s Degreerequired in a field related to K-12Education.
  • Three years of work experience in a field related to K-12Education.
  • Six months of WGU performance evaluationexperience is preferred
  • Comfortable leading and directing others
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Technology savvy (Skype for business, email, Google Docs)
  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel
  • Ability to interpret data and make data-driven decisions to improve results
  • Ability to run multiple programs/screens at once
  • Strong professional communication skills
  • Efficient work habits

Special Position Requirements

  • Willingness and ability to travel for annual meeting and other training sessions as assigned
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills (respond to emails promptly, comfortable asking team members for help, etc.)
  • Ability to work evenings and weekends
  • Excellent reliability
  • Willingness to work additional hours when needed
  • Sense of stewardship to our students and our team

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