STAFF PHYSICIAN 3 Complex Care Center


Cincinnati, OH

5 - 7 years

Posted 239 days ago

This job is no longer available.

STAFF PHYSICIAN 3 Complex Care Center


To provide safe and effective medical care to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center patients. At this level the physician is recognized as a superior clinician by peers and patients. This level is reserved for distinguished members of the staff in recognition of the achievement of superior clinical care. Leads the advancement of clinical patient and outcomes. May elect to actively contribute toward the training and education of residents, fellows and other learners. May elect to actively participate in local, regional and/or national improvement initiatives.
·Patient Care
Provides outstanding clinical care. Recognized by peers and patients as a superior clinician by continuously providing highly effective clinical care and incorporating innovative state-of-the-art clinical practices. Assumes a clinical leadership role in the advancement of clinical patient care and improved outcomes. Develops care guideline and treatment protocols for infant, children and adolescent patients and to aid in their mental and physical growth and development. Examine patients to determine presence of disease and to establish preventive health practices. Determine nature and extent of disease or injury, prescribe and administer medications and immunizations. Perform procedures, collect data, analyze data and make decisions regarding patient care, including initial screening, assessment, diagnosis, prognosis, care, reassessment and discontinuation of care. May formulate, maintain, support, monitor and modify a patient-specific plan for care, treatment and rehabilitation based on the patient's assessment. May also plan and coordinate care, treatment and rehabilitation for discharged patients.
·Clinical Excellence
Participates in ongoing educational activities for continued enhancement of clinical and research expertise.
·Effective Communication
Provide for the exchange of appropriate patient care and clinical information when patients are admitted, referred, transferred or discharged. Provide data which will contribute to the assessment of a patient's needs, the organization's capability to provide care or treatment and the appropriate level of care.
·Training and Education
Recognized by peers and learners as a superior educator. Makes innovative contributions to clinical education and training in the microsystem. May develop and implement educational programs, curriculum, and teaching materials. May choose to make innovative contributions to clinical training and education. Lead the training and education of medical students, residents, fellows, faculty, community physicians and/or staff within area of clinical expertise. Participates in and may lead clinical rounds, medical lectures, grand rounds, and other conferences.
·Improvement Initiatives
May choose to lead department/division/system health outcomes, health services and clinical improvement initiatives. May consistently play a local leadership role or participate in regional or national health care initiatives.
·Scholarly Activity
Recognized for scholarly activity by documenting and sharing best practices in clinical care, or improvement activities or education.

Skills & Competencies
Knowledge of growth and development
·Family-centered care
Understands and support family-centered care
·Clinical Knowledge
Professional knowledge and clinical ability sufficient to provide evaluation and treatment of complex.
Knowledge of pathophysiology and pharmacology
·Diversity Appreciation
Understanding and showing respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of all individuals; leveraging differences in others' perspectives and ideas; appreciating cultural differences and adjusting one's approach to successfully integrate with others who are different from oneself
·Professional Knowledge/Ability
Professional knowledge and ability sufficient to effectively carry out the responsibilities of the position
Excellent verbal, written and/or interpersonal communication skills
·Clinical Skills
Demonstrated skill in physical assessment, diagnosis, well-child care, management of illness, leadership, consultation, research, teaching and patient/family education.

Required: ·Unrestricted licensed physician in the State of Ohio ·Board certification in pediatrics ·Approval from CCHMC Medical Staff Services Division ·5 years of experience at the Staff Physician Level 2, or equivalent external experience
Preferred: ·Experience in specialty area may be required based on the physician's assignment ·Care of children with medical complexities.

Job Number: 98064