Sr. Process Engineer

Hunt Refining Company   •  

Tuscaloosa, AL

Industry: Manufacturing


8 - 10 years

Posted 27 days ago


The primary duty of the Senior Process Engineer is to provide technical support for an area in the refinery and training for the Process Engineers, Economists, Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Operations Specialists and operating personnel.

Secondarily, the Senior Process Engineer is responsible for multitasking which includes conception, development and process design of larger, longer range projects that are too large in scope for the Process Engineers. These larger projects can include projects to reduce operating costs, produce new product lines, meet new environmental regulations, improve refinery profitability, etc. Other areas of responsibility may include PSM duties and other organizational support functions.

Thirdly, the Senior Process Engineer serves in a senior advisory technical support role for Engineering Management and other departments in the refinery. In this role the Senior Engineer provides technical leadership to the organization with engineering and operational continuity.

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

Senior Technical Support for Personnel:

  • Monitor assigned area(s) and overall refinery operations and advise management and engineering of any issues that may be surfacing.
  • Advise technical staff and assist them in planning, troubleshooting, unit support, etc.
  • Assist in training of technical, management, and hourly personnel.
  • Provide technical review of all designs, MOC’s, and change orders.
  • Troubleshoot refinery problems by visualizing issues in the field when necessary, using engineering principles and tools, and collaborating with Operations personnel to get the full picture. This engineer should be a “go-to” person for Operations and Engineering personnel based on their experience and engineering skills.Project Development: Identify minor and major refinery changes that are needed to improve the safety, reliability, profitability, environmental compliance, etc. of process units or systems.
  • Provide long range development of processes, new product lines, etc. to improve or maintain refinery profitability.
  • Scope out, develop, and provide process design of refinery projects.
  • Obtain support and/or funding for major projects.
  • Assist in commissioning and troubleshooting of major unit or system changes.
  • Assist in improvement of unit and system procedures.
  • Serve as coordinator and/or manage long range on-going functions such as PSM programs, etc.Advisory and Support Responsibilities:
  • Provide senior technical advisory support to management and other departments in the refining business unit.
  • Advise management on both technical and non-technical personnel performance and potential.
  • Provide additional more in depth technical support for refinery departments where overall across-plant knowledge of refinery is required.

Minimum Qualifications and Requirements

Education, Qualifications and Experience

  • Minimum of Bachelor of Science Degree in engineering from an accredited college.
  • 7+ years of refinery/petrochemical experience and demonstrated knowledge of refinery processes.
  • Proven experience in refinery planning or process equipment design.
  • Demonstrates leadership in improving income generation as well as reducing costs for the refinery.
  • Self-motivated starter, able to work with very minimal supervision.
  • Effective at working with other management, other engineers, hourly personnel
  • Good communication skills (written and verbal) and the ability to lead classes that range in size from 2 to 20.
  • Possess some skill at refinery process software such as simulation software, design software, etc.