Sr. Front End Engineer - ( React )

Clear Capital   •  

Roseville, CA

Industry: Technology


5 - 7 years

Posted 170 days ago

  by    Tim Cushing

This job is no longer available.


We're looking for thoughtful engineers with an eye for quality to join our team and help grow Clear Capital while keeping our applications beautiful, fast, and delightful. We have bold plans to build a culture and technology innovation group that is poised for the growth and success we are striving for. As new and exciting opportunities reveal themselves in the world of Real Estate Valuation, we are primed to deliver the mission critical data that will change the Mortgage Finance sector for the better.

We are an agile minded Real Estate Tech company, nimble enough to move quickly and innovate faster than our larger competitors. But, we are mature enough to outperform against our start-up competitors. We are building massively scalable solutions at an enterprise level for some of the largest financial companies on the planet. And, we?re deeply committed to meaningful collaboration and not just practicing Agile, but truly being Agile. There is a difference. We value great thinkers, problem solvers, respectful communication, hard work, collaboration, and the sharing of ideas. We are on a mission of going from good to great and we need the best minds to help us get there. Simply put, we need Amplifiers that go well beyond the average engineer?s production.

What does this mean?

We seek to hire those that amplify the work we do by sharing knowledge and experience with each other creating new ideas, ways of doing things ultimately leading to a world-class engineering organization. There are unprecedented opportunities for disruption in our industry by a technology and data driven leader like Clear Capital. The industry is literally starving to leap forward into the future. We are the company that is seizing the moment and doing things others wish they could.

Our stack and tool set

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • React-Native
  • Redux
  • JSX
  • Node
  • D3
  • Greensock
  • UI
  • CSS, SASS, CSS Modules
  • Tooling
  • Webpack
  • Git
  • GitHub

What we do

  • Our primary responsibility is simple: create the best possible user experience on the web.
  • We push the boundaries of what?s possible on the web.
  • We are product driven. The problems we?re solving are difficult and we need thinkers that are excited about this challenge.
  • We are always collaborate with product owners, product managers, designers and our Java developers.
  • We work together to explore possible solutions, iterate on our ideas, and then ultimately translate them into production applications.
  • We absolutely support our products through in all areas.
  • We keep growing our products advance the industry.
  • We research new technology/design patterns in collaboration with fellow engineers to determine if we can use them.

Skills in use

  • 5 + years of enterprise web-based software development
  • We solve problems. Before that can happen we need to understand the problem and the proposed solution. This requires research and communication.
  • There are many different ways to solve a problem. There is a huge difference between "It's working" and "It's the right solution". We want the right answer, not just an answer. To achieve this, we research solutions and iterate on them with key members of our team for validation of our ideas.
  • We have to be able to deliver on what we come up with. We need to be able to code our solutions following best practices and company standards.
  • Being able to come up with a solution makes half of a developer. We need to be able to work through other people's solutions. We need to provide constructive feedback that makes our products better, but ultimately our developers better.

What kind of people are hired in this role?

  • You are smart.
  • You also get it wrong but know its ok and don't blame others.
  • You understand the cycles of developer life.
  • You are not married to any of your solutions.
  • You are nice, respectful, and awesome to work with.
  • You learn new things at a rapid pace and you enjoy it.
  • You love to collaborate.
  • Your passion for tech is contagious.
  • You're an amplifier. Others grow when they work beside you.
  • We want engineers who think systematically, implement quickly, and innovate eagerly. Simply put, passionate people who want to build things.

At Clear Capital, we build platform software and deliver data and analytics to the mortgage finance industry. We?re a FinTech company pushing technology in the mortgage world more than ever, leveraging a modern tech stack. Our goal: make lives easier and transform the mortgage finance industry for the better. We are a technology data driven company, and a significant portion of our company is made up of extremely bright, entrepreneurial-minded engineers, developers, project managers, product managers, analysts and architects that strive to build world-class solutions and tools that delight users. The real estate valuation industry - which has experienced many years of business as usual - invites for innovation and modern technology to improve the process, workflow, and user experience. So, we at Clear Capital are pioneering a new frontier to make a better industry and challenge the status quo. 


Salary commensurate with experience

Clear Capital is an equal opportunity employer

$100K - $150K