Sr. Electrical Engineer


Littleton, MA

Industry: Healthcare


Less than 5 years

Posted 35 days ago

1. Development of embedded systems hardware,

2. Hardware design o meet IEC, UL, IPC, RoHS, CE and other applicable standards. IEC 60601-1 desired.

3. EMI/EMC test, debugging and issue resolution

4. create schematic and layout of embedded circuit boards desired.

5. Understanding and using schematics and component data sheets for design and troubleshooting.

6. Shall be able to use Test equipment (e.g. multimeters, oscilloscopes, network analyzers, function generators, logical analyzers);

7. Knowledge of use of simulation & modeling tools is a plus.

8. Ability to write reports, business correspondence and procedures/manuals; English fluency.

Primary Skills:

1. EMI/EMC testing and dbugging

2. EMI/EMC issue resolution and modification in circuit

3. Understanding the schematic and modification, new design as required.

4. Creating of test reports

Secondary Skills:

1. Good communIcation skills,

2. Ability to understand and create test reports

Any Specific Industry Experience:



Bachelors In Engineering / Science