Sr. Data Scientist in Tulsa, OK

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8 - 10 years

Posted 7 weeks ago


We are looking for a talented and driven individual to accelerate our efforts and be a major part in the development of our data-centric culture. Must have an eager mind to tackle interesting and challenging problems that in many cases do not have well-established precedents in the machine learning and language processing domains. This person will work closely with various cross-functional teams such as IT, Production, Automation, Engineering and Operations to develop and deliver metrics, analyses, solutions, and insights, with actionable recommendations to business partners. Successful candidates will exhibit technical acumen and business savvy, with a passion for making an impact through creative storytelling and timely actions.


nder supervision, responsibilities will include but not be limited to the following items:

  • Establish and mature a Data Science Practice at Laredo
  • Apply statistical analysis, pattern recognition, and machine learning – along with domain knowledge and subject-specific models – to solve science, engineering, and commercial problems
  • Use data and analytical abilities to interpret multiple, disparate data sources, manage large amounts of data, merge data sources, ensure consistency of data sets, and create mathematical prediction systems
  • Contribute to all stages of data science or decision modeling projects, including problem formulation, solution development, and product deployment:
  • Translate business-relevant scientific, engineering, and commercial problems into questions that may be addressed using data science
  • Design experiments and/or run simulations to generate new data in support of analytic studies
  • Retrieve and combine data from databases, data historians, and/or data lakes; there is a strong emphasis on programming, particularly using scripting languages
  • Perform exploratory data analysis for quality control and improved understanding
  • Rigorously and reproducible build, analyze, and compare the statistical and/or machine learning models
  • Contextualize the results and synthesize them with existing knowledge and/or domain-specific models
  • Deploy data-analytic products to end-users and/or document data-analytic results in technical reports
  • Be a key aspect in developing a data-driven culture by delivering revenue impacting data solutions
  • Lead data science initiatives and dissemination of complex technical data throughout the organization
  • Provide insight and improvements to business processes
  • Responsible for making data ready and consumable for technical teams
  • Deploying cloud-based solutions using latest technologies
  • Promotes an integrated data approach between sources, systems, and processes
  • Develop and support business intelligence and analytics solutions


  • Data exploration and discovery curiosity mindset
  • Highly collaborative mindset
  • Confidence to sensitively challenge and teach others
  • Must thrive on driving process change and experimenting with new approaches; always with a keenness to share learnings
  • Work with cross-functional teams to identify significant revenue opportunities
  • Analyze large-scale structured and unstructured data; develop deep-dive analyses and machine learning models to drive member value and customer success
  • Craft compelling stories; make logical recommendations; drive informed actions
  • Analyze large-scale structured and unstructured data; develop deep-dive analyses and machine learning models to drive member value and success
  • Knowledge of data warehousing and able to recommend data connection improvements
  • Design and develop core business metrics, create insightful automated dashboards and data visualization to track them and extract useful business insights
  • You will be extremely well-versed with machine learning algorithms and principles. You are able to select these in order to find your way to a PoC, MVP and finally, a deployable product... most of all, you can bring the team with you by explaining the benefits of your logic
  • Experience with manipulating massive-scale structured and unstructured data
  • Excellent communications skills, with the ability to synthesize, simplify and explain complex problems to different types of audience, including executives
  • 8+ years of experience in IT and/or equivalent business experience
  • Bachelor or higher degree in a quantitative discipline: statistics, operations research, computer science, informatics, engineering, applied mathematics, economics, etc.
  • Proven record with SQL and relational database query performance
  • Background in at least one programming language (e.g., R, Python, Java, Ruby, or Perl)
  • Experience in applied statistics or A/B testing and statistical modeling in at least one statistical software package




Bachelors or better in Information Technology or related field.



8 years: 8+ years of experience in IT and/or equivalent business experience