Specialist - Corrosion Svcs

Energy Transfer Equity   •  

Overland Park, KS

Industry: Energy & Utilities


5 - 7 years

Posted 115 days ago

This job is no longer available.

The following reflect common duties performed by the Specialist:


  • Provides technical expertise, training, qualification evaluations and continuous guidance to Operations corrosion technicians and management.
  • Provides technical expertise and guidance to Operations and Engineering for the design, implementation, monitoring, and troubleshooting of the Company’s corrosion control/cathodic protection assets.
  • The Specialist has advancedqualifications andexperiencein the following subjects and/or tasks related to the corrosion control field:
    1. corrosion control regulations;
    2. integrity management regulations;
    3. external/internal/atmospheric corrosion monitoring and mitigation procedures and processes;
    4. assessment and repair of pipeline defects.
    5. technical support, training and qualification/evaluation of corrosion technicians;
    6. design of cathodic protection systems;
    7. working knowledge of corrosion control databases and field data collection devices;
    8. corrosion and pipeline data management and integration;
    9. specifications for contract corrosion control services;
    10. SOP and Engineering Standards related to corrosion control practices.  
  • Ability to consistently analyze and resolve corrosion control issues involving multiple components, personnel, and operations;
  • Knowledge, skill and ability to document activities and inspections as well as review same to discern issues with accuracy of data and information contained in reports prepared by others;
  • Knowledge, skill and ability to Interpret and apply the company’s procedures with an appreciation of underlying industry codes and standards and government regulations;
  • Knowledge, skill and ability to defend the company’s technical and procedural positions related to corrosion control activities and represent the company in an agency audit, inspection, or enforcement action;
  • Specificresponsibilities related to thesupportand QA/QC of work done by Area Corrosion Technicians includes but are not limited to the following:
    1. Provide technical support related to external corrosion control monitoring and mitigation with in-depth knowledge of rectifiers, test points, bonds, close interval survey, current demand, etc.
    2. Cathodic protection system design and installation to include impressed current and galvanic anode systems; deep and shallow anode groundbeds
    3. Cathodic protection testing to include interference testing and mitigation
    4. Provide technical support related to internal corrosion monitoring and mitigation with in-depth knowledge of internal corrosion coupons, internal corrosion sampling and analysis and use of internal corrosion inhibitors and biocides.
    5. Provide technical support related to atmospheric corrosion monitoring and mitigation to include coating inspections, coating failure investigations and re-coating/painting specifications, management and oversight
  • Ability to analyze and resolve corrosion control problems involving technical as well as personal performance issues and document findings and recommendations.
  • Identifies potential problems with company procedures written to comply with state and federal regulations and department technical policies and practices. Trains field personnel and implements procedures; monitors field activities for compliance with procedures through daily contact, reports, summaries and periodic inspections.
  • Develops, supports and enforces the department technical policies and procedures that are used to maintain and operate the pipeline systems. Evaluates how procedures impact field manpower, employee safety, materials, equipment and expenses in order to meet minimum requirements and the desired level of reliability and performance.
  • Is able to design and develop training materials that instruct and verify the knowledge of Area technical personnel. Shares this material across the Company and participates as an instructor.  Provides this material in a way that supports and satisfies the requirements of the Employee Qualification Program. 
  • Assists in the development of the annual O&M and capital budgets for the Operations department. This involves: providing input and feedback to Areas on maintenance work scopes, reviewing or developing cost estimates, analyzing the feasibility of proposed solutions and suggesting innovative alternatives, and ensuring the equipment specified is state-of-the-art and best fulfills the intended purpose.  Assists the Area in the preparation of capital budget projects and supports the projects through final approval and completion.
  • Participates in new facility design and commissioning. Assists in the preparation of designs for facility modifications and incorporation of new equipment.   Is able to facilitate installation including modifications to designs to meet functional requirements.   Is able to coordinate and provide leadership in the commissioning of significant facilities involving multiple groups including vendors, suppliers, engineering design and construction, Houston technical and Area personnel.

Essential Requirements:

  • Eight years of experience in corrosion prevention and control programs for hazardous liquid and/or gas transmission and plant assets or associatedegree in an engineering or technical field and six years of experience in corrosion control and energy pipeline context.