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SOX Audit Manager in Santa Clara, CA


Santa Clara, CA 95050
7w ago


$80K - $100K*


Auditing & Compliance, Accounting


Less than 5 years

Job Description

SOX Audit Manager

Primary Responsibilities

  • Partners with process owners to evaluate and document key financial processes and systems and related financial statement risks, including reviewing and updating process narratives, preparing test plans, and conducting controls testing.
  • Perform documentation updates, SOX testing, facilitate the remediation of control gaps, coordinate with internal/external auditors and business partners, and escalate potential significant deficiencies as necessary.
  • Liaises with internal staff, co-sourcing partner and external auditors and responds to requests or reported issues in a timely manner
  • Collaborates with process owners to propose process improvements that will strengthen the internal control environment while increase efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Assists with updates to internal control design, working with external auditors to identify any design gaps and implementing new or revised
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Valid through: 2020-3-4

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