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Solution Delivery Manager at Applause in Framingham, MA



$100K — $150K *


Quality Assurance, Technology Management


5 - 7 years

Job Description

In support of our Account Management efforts, we are looking for a unique individual to build trusted relationships with our customers, help those customers understand the value of our services, and show them how they can be successful leveraging Applause across their digital experience initiatives. This person will partner closely with our sales, marketing, community, and product teams, to manage successful customer engagements. This position in based at our HQ in Framingham, MA.

The person in this role will own and lead specific customer engagements implementing our SaaS testing solution and services. This position is an integral part of Applause's long term relationship with its customers and the efforts put forth by this individual will directly impact the value realized by the customer and the ultimate success of the relationship.

In order to succeed in this team, this individual must have the passion and energy to work in an entrepreneurial

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Valid through: 7/8/2020

About Applause

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